DUI Defense Attorneys get five star reviews from clients in Fort Lauderdale

Adam Rossen is the Best Criminal Defense and DUI Lawyer in South Florida. I've had Adam as my lawyer since 2011. I learned of him through a coworker. My initial interaction with him was a phone call inquiring about legal advice. Nothing crazy, but he was genuinely helpful and wasn't asking for a dime. A few months later I got into a minor situation that required legal support. I gave Adam a call and to make a long story short, things were handled and I wasn't worried a bit. 

Okay, disclaimer: I promise, I'm not a trouble-maker - nor a bad person, but I got into three serious situations after that (2 regarding driving offenses, and one regarding a license). Two of which have been completely dropped and the third I'm in the trenches with Adam fighting against jail time as we speak.

I'm confident in writing this review even before my trial is over because of the fact that I love my lawyer. I'm completely confident that he will do whatever in his power to get me out of legal issues. He always gives honest advice, but always keeps everything in perspective. (update - Adam went to trial in January of 2015 and he killed it. He aggressively questioned the cop and made him look unprepared and unreliable in front of the jury. I was found not guilty of DUI and the jury apologized to me after the case was over.) I've paid out thousands to a lawyer before who I thought had me in his best interest (because he was black and I thought he and I could relate). He took me hook line and I still plead guilty to a DUI because I didn't know any better (it was my very first run in with the law, I hate Florida).

Adam was different though. He educated me on my case, explained ALL of the costs & fees, and told me exactly what he planned on doing. Best lawyer I've ever had, and unfortunately, I've needed a few of them in my day. If you need a lawyer and Adam is willing to represent you, don't think twice. This guy is the best. 

P.S. Adam also got me out of a ticket with some crooked cops after sitting in court for 4 minutes. Cop showed up too, she was pissed. I loved it.

- J. R.