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Happy clients give positive reviews of the premiere legal representation offered by Adam Rossen and his team time and time again.

With more than 750+ five-star online reviews, Adam and Manny Serra-Jovenich don’t have to tell you about the personalized attention and effective results of the firm – our clients do that for us. Our loyal clients share how we helped turn their lives around and help them move forward from what could have been debilitating criminal and DUI charges.

It is our greatest pleasure to know that we’ve positively impacted so many people in South Florida.  The impact extends far beyond the client.  It extends to their family, friends, employment, and religious groups.  We are eternally grateful and humbled for being allowed into their lives so we can work together to build a better community.

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Attorney Adam Rossen is the best of the best! He successfully handled a DUI case for me after two prior attorneys failed at settling the case. Attorney Rossen maintained communication throughout the process. If you are in need of an attorney that will represent you aggressively and win your case — Attorney Rossen is your attorney. Highly recommended!

- Anonymous

Mr. Rossen was a true professional throughout the process of my DUI arrest. He helped me get my hardship license and I never had to go to court. He was able to explain my options to me clearly and concisely, and was able to stay in touch with me every step of the way.

Mr. Rossen suggested a tactic to use in my case that I had not thought of, and the tactic not only worked, but saved me a ton of money in the long term. My DUI case was dropped down to a Reckless Driving charge. I recommend Adam Rossen without hesitation for any Criminal Defense, DUI or Traffic cases.

- D.H.

I found Adam to be very caring and patient with me during my second DUI arrest. He consistently stayed in touch with me, kept me informed and was very proactive about setting the proper expectations. No surprises; whenever I needed to talk to him, he was very responsive regardless of the time.

He was able to always help me put my concerns at ease and with much confidence and trust. I would recommend Adam to any of my family, friends or anyone I meet who could use a very good Criminal Defense or DUI Defense Attorney.

- D.O.

Having Adam handle my DUI case was a great decision. The case was tricky, but he was able to get the DUI charges reduced to Reckless Driving.

Adam was very diligent in his help and was available 24/7 for any questions or concerns I had. He resolved the matter for me quickly and I would not hesitate to use Adam again for any Criminal Defense or DUI case.

- M.B.

Adam Rossen is the Best Criminal Defense and DUI Lawyer in South Florida. I’ve had Adam as my lawyer since 2011. I learned of him through a coworker. My initial interaction with him was a phone call inquiring about legal advice. Nothing crazy, but he was genuinely helpful and wasn’t asking for a dime. A few months later I got into a minor situation that required legal support. I gave Adam a call and to make a long story short, things were handled and I wasn’t worried a bit.

Okay, disclaimer: I promise, I’m not a trouble-maker – nor a bad person, but I got into three serious situations after that (2 regarding driving offenses, and one regarding a license). Two of which have been completely dropped and the third I’m in the trenches with Adam fighting against jail time as we speak.

I’m confident in writing this review even before my trial is over because of the fact that I love my lawyer. I’m completely confident that he will do whatever in his power to get me out of legal issues. He always gives honest advice, but always keeps everything in perspective. (update – Adam went to trial in January of 2015 and he killed it. He aggressively questioned the cop and made him look unprepared and unreliable in front of the jury. I was found not guilty of DUI and the jury apologized to me after the case was over.) I’ve paid out thousands to a lawyer before who I thought had me in his best interest (because he was black and I thought he and I could relate). He took me hook line and I still plead guilty to a DUI because I didn’t know any better (it was my very first run in with the law, I hate Florida).

Adam was different though. He educated me on my case, explained ALL of the costs & fees, and told me exactly what he planned on doing. Best lawyer I’ve ever had, and unfortunately, I’ve needed a few of them in my day. If you need a lawyer and Adam is willing to represent you, don’t think twice. This guy is the best.

P.S. Adam also got me out of a ticket with some crooked cops after sitting in court for 4 minutes. Cop showed up too, she was pissed. I loved it.

- J.R.

I was in a very bad legal situation and Adam was able to assist me better than any other attorney and was able to resolve the issue in a fraction of the time. For all my legal needs, Adam is the first person I turn to.

I was on probation for a DUI and made the stupid mistake of getting arrested for another DUI. The prosecutor wanted 2 years in jail and Adam took care of everything for me with great results. I didn’t serve a single day in jail for this DUI case.

- B.H.

Outstanding Lawyer! Adam Rosen handled two DUI cases for me. I was extremely pleased with how quickly these cases were resolved as well as the outcome of both.

DUI reduced to reckless. I would absolutely hire him again. He is very helpful and he patiently took the time to explain the answers to my legal questions. I would also like to say that Adam always answered the phone when I called. And when he didn’t he always called back as soon as possible.

He is honest, straightforward, diligent, and a good negotiator. Love this guy! I highly recommend.

- F.S.

Just moved here from Boston and didn’t know anyone here. I got in trouble for DUI and then I met Adam and he helped me feel at home. His skills as a DUI Attorney are excellent, he got charges dropped that to me seemed to be hopeless. Take my personal word that he is the best DUI Defense Attorney in South Florida.

- R.D.

I’ve used Adam Rossen for almost 4 years. He was recommended by a friend when I first was arrested for DUI.

He was very honest and straightforward with everything I had to do for my case. At the end I was very happy my DUI charge was reduced to Reckless Driving. I’ve used him with other cases with my family and friends. I would highly recommend him to anyone and other friends and family. Adam is one of the best Criminal and DUI Defense lawyers I’ve found and used. I would recommend him to people time and time again.

- R.C.

Adam Rossen is the best of the best! He is a definite class act. Adam is an expert in his field and offers transparent, honest feedback and counsel regarding your situation. I was kept well informed every step of the way.

He delivered the intended result of getting my second DUI reduced to Reckless Driving and I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of his expertise and service. Great service , great person !!! The best of the best.

- P.D.

DUI success with Adam Rossen as my attorney. He was prompt with all paperwork and keeping me in touch with all necessary info I needed and also got my case resolved. So if u want a lawyer that’s on time and seriously has your best interest Adam Rossen is the way to go for any DUI Defense case. DUI dropped to a reckless driving charge.

- T.C.

I was charged with a DUI in 2010. Not only was Adam very helpful and supportive during the entire ordeal, he was confident and worked hard to stay in my favor. In the end, I was not convicted of a DUI and the charges were dropped to a lesser offense. I am very happy with Adam Rossen as my DUI Defense Lawyer.

- N.O.
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