"When bad things happen to good people our firm is here to help, not judge." - Adam Rossen

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Getting arrested is a scary time. You deserve the information you need to know to protect your rights before even hiring a lawyer.

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When Bad Things Happen to Good People, Our Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

Every day, good people find themselves in bad situations. A mistake is made or an accident happens, and individuals who have never had trouble with the law before are now facing a serious legal charge. Maybe you got behind the wheel after one too many drinks, or a private family dispute escalated unexpectedly. Criminal and driving under the influence (DUI) charges carry serious consequences in Florida, and at these times, it is natural to feel overwhelmed. It can be difficult to deal with the uncertain future and fear of the unknown. You may know you need help, but you are not sure where to find it.

Aggressive, Strategic Criminal Defense for the Courtroom by a Former Prosecutor

At Rossen Law Firm, criminal defense attorney Adam Rossen has been providing aggressive representation inside the courtroom, as well as thoughtful and compassionate advice outside of it. After years working as a prosecutor in Broward County, Adam turned his focus to protecting the rights of those charged with a crime. Today, he uses the unique knowledge and skills developed as a prosecutor to help his clients minimize the negative consequences of their mistakes. Proven with more online reviews than any other lawyer in the Fort Lauderdale area, Adam has built a reputation for being both extremely effective and easily accessible.

Personal, Proven Representation for Floridians and Vacationers

If you are facing a DUI or criminal charge in Broward County, put your trust in the attorney who has helped so many others who have been where you are. Former clients have left numerous online reviews, calling Adam Rossen determined, available, and goal-oriented. Most importantly, Adam has been able to help his clients obtain the best possible legal outcome so that they can move forward to a successful and secure future in line with their personal goals. Whether you live in South Florida, or you need to resolve a legal matter in Florida from out of town, contact our office today to schedule a free strategy session with Adam and learn more about protecting your rights.


Why Choose Us

Finding the right lawyer to fight your criminal charges can be difficult. How can you know if your attorney has the knowledge, experience, and drive to get the job done? What kind of service can you really expect? Adam Rossen has worked hard to set himself apart, and as many former clients attest, he is dedicated to providing comprehensive and effective representation. When you retain Rossen Law Firm, you will find:

  • An experienced advocate. Working for years as a prosecutor, Adam understands intimately how the system works and can anticipate the approach of the other side. He is very familiar with the local courts, and he focuses solely on DUI and criminal matters, allowing him to develop knowledge and know-how other lawyers simply may not have.
  • A lawyer who gets results. Read any of Adam’s many online reviews, and you will find that his clients are happy with their outcomes. Determined and knowledgeable, Adam works tirelessly to explore and pursue every legal angle for success.
  • An accessible partner. Every client has Adam’s cell phone number, and they know they can rely on him to share frequent updates and answer their questions. He works with his clients to formulate a plan of action together that will meet each individual’s unique goals.
  • A calm and confident leader. Understandably, many clients visit the offices of Rossen Law Firm feeling nervous and upset. They are met with respect and compassion. Adam makes it a priority to help every client understand their rights and local law, so they can feel confident going forward.

Sometimes, bad things do happen to good people, but it is possible to move forward with help from Adam and his legal team.

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