Traffic and Criminal Defense Attorneys get five star reviews from clients in Fort Lauderdale

I could never ask for a better lawyer. I am a young professional who's made a lot of mistakes in my driving career. Namely I have become a habitual traffic offender in both Fort Lauderdale and Miami over the course of 3 years.

I was young and irresponsible. When things got real bad and the state wanted me to do serious jail time, a friend referred me Adam Rossen to handle my Driving on Suspended License cases. Immediately when I meet him he put my mind at ease and continued to get me out of continuous situations and even kept me from being a convicted felon. It's amazing what this guy is able to do. He kept me out of jail 26 times I repeat 26 times. For the same driving charge habitual traffic offender DWLS. If you need a trustworthy and professional lawyer Adam Rossen is the best you will find guaranteed. 


- C.H.