Dealing in Stolen Property Defense Attorneys get five star reviews from clients in Fort Lauderdale

My name is Drew R. and a year or so ago I was charged with dealing in stolen property and falsely claiming ownership to that property. Regardless of how I felt about the charges, I had to deal with it. Having full custody of two children I just couldn't risk doing any time at all. 

Adam somehow got me into a diversion program, even though the State Attorney denied me twice. What that meant was, I would complete one year of a type of probation, pay the restitution, and if all went well and I didn't get into any more trouble, of course, the charges would be dropped, and in fact sealed. As if it never happened. 

I was surprised when he was able to get me this deal, as from my research, I didn't think I was even eligible for this program. He really saved my career. He was flexible with his cost. He kept me posted the entire way through, showed up personally at every single step, and answered my calls every time I needed him. I keep his card on me now and consider him my lawyer for anything Criminal Defense related, I would definitely recommend him again.


- Drew R.