Federal Attorney to Fight Heroin Trafficking Crime Allegations in South Florida

A woman is buying heroin from a man in South Florida, not knowing that it is a FBI officer. Federal Attorneys can help defend you if facing federal drug crimesHeroin  has become pretty commonplace in the United States due to the heroin epidemic and mass consumption of the drug. If you are found in possession of heroin above a certain amount, you could be arrested and charged for the federal drug trafficking crime of trafficking heroin. 


Trafficking controlled substances, such as drugs, remains illegal at both the state and federal level. 


Contact us today if you or a loved one was arrested for federal heroin trafficking heroin or for involvement with federal drug trafficking. Rossen Law will fight for your freedom and for the best possible outcome of your case.


What is a Federal Heroin Trafficking Crime in Florida? 

Federal Heroin Trafficking is a federal crime for those who commit the crime of manufacturing, distributing, dispensing or possessing heroin with the intent to manufacture, distribute, or dispense the prohibited narcotic (heroin). 


The legal definition of heroin trafficking is selling, transporting, or illegally importing the unlawful controlled substance. 


Federal Laws define the penalties and amounts of heroin and controlled substances which result in prison sentences and fines. The more heroin or drugs someone possesses, the larger the fines and the longer the mandatory minimum prison sentences will be. 



If you are caught with a federal trafficking amount of heroin, know it is a very serious crime. Although every heroin trafficking case is different, there may be some states that choose not to prosecute small amounts of heroin and others who will be very harsh on your sentence and your reputation


Federal Heroin Trafficking charges, if convicted, can put you away in prison for many years, no matter the substance amount. 


Heroin Trafficking’s lower end consequences:

  • 5 to 40 years in prison for 100 grams of heroin.

Heroin Trafficking’s higher end consequences:

  • 10 years to life in prison for 1 kilogram of heroin.


State and Federal Heroin Trafficking cases are very severe and if a person is caught trafficking a controlled substance across state lines then the federal law will apply. 


This crime can result in jail time, seized assets, and even a ruined reputation. Not only are hefty fines and prison time possible, your career and family life could be at stake.  Reach out to Rossen Law Firm to discuss your case  - our award-winning criminal defense team will talk about the best strategies to defend your rights, your freedom and your future. 


Federal Heroin Trafficking Defense Strategies 

  • Negative drug tests: When drugs are seized in trafficking in a heroin case, if you are tested for the drugs and the tests come back negative, charges could be dropped.

  • Fabricated Evidence and Flawed Testimony: If there is fabricated evidence it may not be allowed to be presented in court along with a flawed testimony showing a lack of fillable evidence towards the case.

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