At our firm we provide a free initial strategy session to anyone in need of our services. Unlike most law firms, we don’t put a time limit on this meeting.  Typically it can range from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on how complex your situation is. During this strategy session we go through a series of steps designed to let you know what to expect both with your case, and with our firm.  We will also develop our initial defense strategy with you, which will help you understand the “why” behind what we do.


*Our free strategy session in no way obligates you to work with our firm. Whether you decide to work with us or another attorney, you will always get the following information in your strategy session with us at no cost to you.


Step One: Your Story

The most important part of the initial consultation is us listening to what you have to say.


One of the most difficult parts of facing any criminal, DUI, or domestic violence charge is feeling like you’ve now been labeled a criminal. It’s a stigma that nobody wants. We understand that many times bad things happen to good people (that’s why we made it our firm slogan!) Mistakes happen, and sometimes people make bad decisions.


No matter what the circumstances, we want to hear exactly what happened directly from you. You’re the only one who can tell your story. And your story matters!


Every case is unique and these unique qualities matter. The facts surrounding your case are very important in determining our strategy.



Step Two: Education

We like to take an educational approach during our initial strategy session. What that means is that after we’ve heard your story, we’ll go through the charges against you, the criminal process and the minimum and maximum penalties.


We take you through different scenarios of what can happen, and discuss with you your goals not just now, but in the future as well.  




Step Three:  Strategy

We then put together a strategy on how we would handle your case to get you the best results possible. By reading the initial police reports together, we will immediately notice problems with the investigation and/or potential violation of your rights.


In every initial consultation we always disclose our strategy to you.


A lot of law firms like to keep things secret, but that’s not how we do things. It’s important that you know how a lawyer plans on handling your case before you agree to sign the paperwork he/she gives you. We believe in transparency and will always give you a breakdown of what our strategy is, and why we think it is the best alternative.


Once we’re hired, our defense plan starts immediately.  Often, evidence at the scene needs to be preserved immediately and the police frequently make mistakes in collecting and preserving this evidence.  



Step Four: Fee Structure

As with any service, you need to know not just how much it’s going to cost you, but what value you will receive. We always cover both of those items in an initial consultation.


At our firm we charge a flat fee for our criminal, domestic violence, and DUI cases. With a flat fee you know exactly how much you are paying for our services upfront. We don’t do billable hours the way many firms do. We’re not fans of billable hours. You never know how much money you’re going to end up paying in that circumstance, and at the rate many lawyers charge your bill can skyrocket quickly! Every phone call or email will result in more money you have to pay the law firm.


We encourage you to call or email us to discuss your case. After all, it’s YOUR freedom and future on the line!


The flat fee varies depending upon the complexity of your case, because again every case is different. But once we’ve heard your story and decided on an appropriate strategy we’ll be able to tell you in the initial consultation how much your defense will cost. That way you know well before deciding whether to hire us exactly how much it would cost you.


Step Five: Questions

Throughout our strategy session we answer any questions you may have.

You may have questions about:

  • The law
  • What’s going to happen to you
  • Possible penalties
  • Possible outcomes
  • Court procedure
  • The criminal process
  • Our firm
  • Our attorneys
  • Our communication policy
  • Our strategy
  • Payment
  • A whole host of other things!

No matter what your question, we are happy to answer it during your initial consultation. We understand that criminal, DUI, and domestic violence cases can be very emotionally trying, and so we want to make sure you have all of the information you need to make the best decision on which firm to hire to defend your rights.


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