Federal Attorney to Fight Conspiracy Charges in South Florida Charge

Did you agree to commit a federally unlawful act with two or more people in South Florida? Even if you never intended to act upon the ideas discussed, you can still be charged for “conspiring” to, or making plans to, break the federal law

This means, that even if you never actually committed a federal crime - you could be charged with the federal crime of conspiracy even for just discussing, making plans to, or intending to commit the federal crime. 

If you live in South Florida and are facing federal conspiracy charges for allegedly conspiring to commit a federal crime, reach out to Rossen Law Firm so we can help protect your rights and your future.  

What is a Federal Conspiracy Crime  

A man is planning to commit a federal crime in south florida, he is in hs car taking photos of a place he plans to commit a crime in Fort Lauderdale

Conspiracy is when 2 or more people plan to jointly commit an unlawful act (plan to break the law) or to commit  a harmful act. 

Being charged with a feral conspiracy crime means a person is believed to have made an agreement with another person to commit break a federal law and commit a criminal act.  

5 Elements of a Federal Conspiracy Crime: 

  1. 2 or more people are involved 
  2. And the people intentionally 
  3. make an agreement
  4. to violate a federal law and/or defraud the U.S.
  5. And some form of action is taken to act on the agreement made - there is some type of furtherance of the agreement made evident by action.  

The legal definition of conspiracy is when people agree to commit an illegal act, and the government can prove that those involved entered into some agreement to commit the crime. 

The federal statute 18 U.S.C  § 371 states if two or more persons conspire either to commit any offense against the United States then each person will be fined and/or sentenced to prison. 


If you are caught conspiring with another person in Florida you must get a defense lawyer to defend your case and your rights. Under the federal conspiracy statute, you can face serious penalties if found guilty and convicted. A skilled federal defense attorney can help protect you and your future from a federal conspiracy crime conviction.  

Lower-end of Federal Sentencing Guidelines for federal conspiracy crime convictions: 

  • If found guilty of federal conspiracy, you face up to 5 years in prison and fines. 
  • If the federal conspiracy crime is a misdemeanor, lower penalties are possible. A federal conspiracy misdemeanor would be a lower level federal crime OR if a state misdemeanor was committed on federal property. 

Higher-end of Federal Sentencing Guidelines for federal conspiracy crime convictions: 

  • Typically, prison sentences are capped at 5 years (but it depends on the crime which was conspired).
  • If convicted of federal conspiracy crime, fines can range all the way up to $250,000.

The federal conspiracy crime penalty can also become much more severe depending on the type of crime that was conspired. Certain federal drug crime penalties, such as drug trafficking conspiracy for example, can carry a 5 year minimum prison sentence on the Federal Sentencing Guidelines but - depending on the type of drug and how much of each drug was intended to be trafficked - the prison sentence minimum can go all the way up to 10 years in prison for a conviction.  


A federal conspiracy charge does not look good on your criminal record, and a person can be convicted both of an underlying crime and of conspiracy in order to commit it. 

You’ll need a strong advocate on your side. Rossen Law Firm knows the ropes and can work to protect you, your criminal record, your future and your very livelihood. 

Federal Conspiracy Defense Strategies in Florida 

  • There was a conspiracy but you weren’t a part of it:  For example, maybe you were aware of your friends taking part in illegal activities, but you did not take any action in their behaviors and were not a part of any planning or conversations as a co-conspirator.
  • You were part of the criminal activity but unaware that your actions were illegal: It is possible that you committed an illegal action but had no knowledge or awareness that it was illegal. Additionally, it is also possible that there was a crime which was conspired to be committed - but perhaps you were only involved in committing the crime but never in the conspiracy or planning. 

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