What is the Batterers’ Intervention Program? Fort Lauderdale Criminal Attorney Explains

In this photo, a South Florida man is grabbing his female partners arm strongly. A child watches in the background. the image is meant to depict a case of south Florida domestic violence and the need for batterers intervention programs Batterers’ Intervention Program in South Florida is a 26-week course designed to address the root causes of domestic violence and prevent participants from committing acts of domestic violence in the future. 

It is monitored by the Florida Department of Children and Families and costs an individual between $700 and $1,000 to complete.

To get into the batter’s intervention program, you have to go through an initial assessment. The assessment includes a psychosocial evaluation to determine if you need any additional mental health or substance abuse treatment. Going through the batterers intervention program, if accepted, as well as mental health, substance abuse, or any other type of additional therapy are good moves for your personal health and great moves toward helping you get a good outcome in your criminal Florida domestic violence case

You also have to sign a contract admitting responsibility for your actions and follow strict rules on class behavior and attendance.

There is a one-time orientation which is followed by 26 straight weeks of group counseling sessions.

Resources for Batterers in Florida:

CONCLUSION: Batterers’ Intervention Program in Florida 

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