What is A Florida Civil Restraining Order? South Florida Criminal Defense Attorney Explains 

in a black and white photo, a woman sits on a couch with her arms crossed, and a man stands closer to the camera. It is an image of a relationship meant to depict a domestic violence of a restraining order need in South FloridaA civil restraining order in Florida is a court order used to protect people from another person. 

There are many different types of civil restraining orders. They can be issued for domestic violence circumstances in Florida, in cases of dating violence, sexual violence, repeat violence, or for crimes like kidnapping or stalking. The purpose of a civil restraining order in Florida is to protect the victim or person being threatened, etc, from the alleged abuser.

If a restraining order has been granted against you in Florida in favor of protecting another person, you cannot go within a certain distance of the person who filed the order against you for as long as the order stipulates.

This means, for example, you may be out on a walk and see the person who has a restraining order ahead of you on the sidewalk - the expectation is that you will either turn around or cross the street. Some judges are more strict than others, but say if even a witness reports that you violated your restraining order you could be facing serious consequences with the South Florida legal system. 

This requirement to keep a certain distance could be for a week, a month, a year, or even forever depending on how the judge ruled in court.

You also won’t be able to call, email, text, or go through third parties to contact this person if there is a Florida civil restraining order against you. That means no contact or communication, period. No letters, no asking your sister to call the victim, etc. 

Additional Consequences For Having a Florida Civil Restraining Order

If there is a restraining order against you in Florida, by law you can no longer own or possess any firearms.  

Having a restraining order against you can also hurt your ability to move, especially depending on how far away you have to be from the person the restraining order protects. 

Restraining orders against you can also affect your ability to get certain jobs. 

CONCLUSION: Florida Civil Restraining Order Rights 

If a restraining order has been filed against you, you may have some options. 

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