How Does a DUI Charge Affect a Dentist in Florida?: South Florida DUI Lawyer Shares 

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If you’re a dentist in Florida and are arrested for a DUI, you need to know that this charge is a very serious threat to your dental license in the state of Florida.


Dentists only have 30 days to report their Driving Under the Influence charge(s) to their medical board in Florida. This means you only have 30 days from your arrest to report the DUI charge - it does mean that you can wait to see if you are convicted or plead guilty. This means that even if you are wrongfully accused of DUI, you still need to report it to the Dental medical board in Florida. So, you could errantly be arrested for a DUI, but still need to report it to the dental medical board - even if you’re completely innocent. 


If you have a medical license of any kind, such as if you’re a practicing Dentist, DUI charges are a big deal. Because of the tight timelines and threat to your career, hiring a skilled DUI attorney is so important so that you can keep living the life you love. Rossen Law Firm is committed to helping you achieve your best future - which means we’ll fight for you to keep your job and livelihood. 


Once the DUI case has reached a resolution, dentists are required to submit certified official court documents showing the date and outcome of the charge, a certified copy of any disciplinary actions taken in result of the conviction (ex: probation, DUI school), and a detailed letter explaining the circumstances of the charge.


The letter to the board should also include details about the factors or extenuating circumstances, if any, in your life when the charge happened. The letter should also detail what you learned from the experience and what you have done since the charge to support your rehabilitation. 


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