South Florida DUI Lawyer: Never do Field Sobriety Tests in Florida if you’re Pulled Over for DUI

If you’re pulled over in South Florida for a DUI and police ask you to do Field Sobriety Exercises as part of a DUI investigation, you can just say “no.”


NO legal consequences for just saying “no” to field sobriety tests in Florida 

Throughout the course of a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) investigation you are not legally required to do anything. 


For refusing to do the field sobriety exercises, specifically – there is no legal penalty. You have nothing to lose by saying no to field sobriety exercises in Florida – there are no consequences for you. And, quite frankly, there is really nothing to gain by doing the Florida field sobriety tests either. 


You won’t lose your license for saying no to Florida field sobriety tests if you’re asked by a DUI officer

If you say “no” to DUI field sobriety tests in Florida, what happens? 

If you refuse to do the field sobriety tests, you’ll probably be arrested. 

But here’s the thing – if an officer has started a DUI investigation, you were most likely going to be arrested anyways. Even if you did to the field sobriety exercises – and even if you did them perfectly (EXTREMELY RARE) – you would still most likely be arrested. 

As Fort Lauderdale DUI Attorneys who’ve done a lot of informational workshops throughout South Florida, we can tell you that we’ve seen completely sober people fail the Florida field sobriety exercises NUMEROUS TIMES

The field sobriety tests are very easy for sober people to fail. Imagine trying to do them when you’re scared, feeling nervous, pressured, or if you really have had one-too-many drinks? 

CONCLUSION: Don’t do Field Sobriety Tests in Florida. You have the right to say no. They can only hurt you.  


  • There is no legal penalty for refusing field sobriety tests if you’re being investigated for a DUI in Florida
  • Most of the time: It is simply in your best interest to just say “no.”
    • You can simply tell the officer that you know you have a right to say no to the field sobriety tests, and you want to exercise that right. 

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