Risk Protection Orders: Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Attorney to fight your South Florida Charges

A man in a gun store is holding a hand gun and taking out the ammo in South FloridaAlthough a Risk Protection Order is not necessarily criminal, we understand that you cannot handle this legal command on your own. Rossen Law Firm is here to protect your Second Amendment rights, which protects your right to keep and bear arms. 


What is A Risk Protection Order in Florida?

A risk protection order is a court order that requires someone who is deemed “at risk” to surrender their firearms to the authorities. The person must also give up their license to carry a concealed weapon.


A risk protection order is defined in Florida Statute 790.401 and is intended to temporarily prevent individuals who are at high risk of harming themselves or others from accessing firearms or ammunition. Law enforcement officers are allowed to obtain a court order when there is demonstrated evidence that a person poses a significant danger to themselves or those around them.



Individuals under a risk protection order cannot purchase or possess firearms or ammunition for the period of time specified by the court. The length of a risk protection order differs case by case. The maximum time for a risk protection order is one year, though it may be extended by the court if they evaluate and decide that is best for the individual and the safety of the public.



a hand holds an instant download to a free booklet with testimonials and reviews for Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Attorneys with more than 400 five-star reviews onlineIf you’re facing a Risk Protection Order from the court - Rossen Law Firm is here for you and we will work with you to determine the best plan of action for this court order. We are determined to reinstate your rights and we always guarantee that we’ll work our hardest to get you the best result possible.


We understand that situations come up and things can get twisted, resulting in you wrongfully being deemed “at risk” and having your rights revoked. Whatever the case, we are here to defend your case against your risk protection order.


Risk Protection Orders Defenses in Florida

  • False Claim Against You: A false or exaggerated claim can be alleged against an individual. This occurs for many reasons, typically to speed up a divorce, to secure child custody, or damage someone’s reputation. Rossen Law Firm will explain why law enforcement is mistaken in ordering risk protection or why the evidence they found is not sufficient to meet the evidence necessary for a risk protection order in your case.

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