Loitering & Prowling: Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Attorney to Fight your South Florida Charge

A Man is arrested in Fort Lauderdale by a police officer after loitering and prowling on fort lauderdale beachOne of the most difficult parts of facing a Loitering and Prowling charge is feeling like you’ve now suddenly been labeled as a 'criminal’ for something you perhaps had no idea could get you in trouble with the law. Rossen Law Firm is here to listen to your side of the story and fight for your rights.


What is a Loitering and Prowling Crime in Florida? 

Loitering and Prowling is basically when someone hangs around somewhere in a weird place, or at a weird time or for an unusually long amount of time.


In Florida, legally speaking, Loitering and Prowling occurs where a person maintains a suspicious presence in an unusual time, place or manner, and under circumstances that indicate an impending threat to the safety of persons or property.

FLA. STAT. § 856.021 (2019)



Under Florida law, Loitering and Prowling is classified as a second-degree misdemeanor, which carries penalties of up to 60 days in jail and a $500 fine.



Give our office a call if you’re facing a Loitering and Prowling charge. Rossen Law Firm has years of experience providing a compassionate and effective defense to Disorderly Conduct charges of all types, including Loitering or Prowling charges.


Facing a Loitering and Prowling charge is stressful. No matter the circumstances, Rossen Law Firm wants to hear exactly what happened directly from you. You’re the only one who can tell your story. And we believe your story matters.


We believe that bad things happen to good people. If this is you, please give our office a call. We always go above and beyond on every case because we truly care.                                                                      


Loitering and Prowling Defenses in Florida

  • Police Not Present: Both elements of a loitering and prowling charge must be committed in the presence of a police officer before the officer may take action to detain or arrest a suspect. An anonymous report of suspicious behavior is insufficient for a conviction so this could be used as a defense.
  • After-the-Fact Justifications: Prosecution cannot rely on the defendant’s later reaction to a police officer when the officer’s attempted stop, detention, or arrest of the defendant lacked reasonable suspicion or probable cause in the first place. Police also cannot use evidence found only after improperly detaining a defendant as retroactive grounds to sustain a conviction.  

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