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South Florida Home Invasion Robbery scene of a man in his daughters bedroom. The accused hired Rossen Law Firm for Robbery Criminal Defense AttorneyHave you been arrested or questioned by the police regarding a Home Invasion Robbery charge in South Florida? Are you stressed about what this may mean for your future? 


Rossen Law Firm is here to assist you with all your criminal defense needs. We put the extra effort into every case and provide our clients with customized defenses to defeat their robbery-related criminal charges.


What is a Home Invasion Robbery Crime in Florida?

A Home Invasion Robbery occurs when a person enters a dwelling such as a home or a place of residence with the intent to unlawfully take money or property from the residents through the use of violence or threats. 


The Florida Statute defines a Home Invasion as any robbery that occurs when the offender enters a dwelling with the intent to commit a robbery and does commit a robbery with the occupants inside.


Find the legal definition of robbery on our robbery crime page.


Penalties for committing the crime of Home Invasion Robbery are incredibly harsh and prosecuted to the fullest extent by Florida State Prosecutors. This is why hiring an experienced defense attorney to fight for your rights is so important.


Home Invasion Robberies with or without a firearm or other deadly weapon is considered a first-degree felony. A first-degree felony carries consequences of up to 30 years in prison and fines of up to $10,000. 


New criminal charges, no matter what they are for incredibly, can be very stressful. If you have been arrested or being investigated for the crime of Home Invasion Robbery, please contact Rossen Law Firm.


We are determined to fight for your freedom because we know how important it is to you. We will stand by your side until all of your charges are settled. Our effort is never less than 100% and this is how we’ve managed to attain great results for all of our clients. 


We know that just because you've been charged with the crime of Home Invasion Robbery does not make you a “criminal” and certainly does not mean you are guilty. In fact, we don’t use the word “criminal” in our practice.


We believe bad things happen to good people and one mistake shouldn’t have the power to destroy your life. Whatever the case, we are here to defend you and be by your side. 

Home Invasion Property Defenses

  • No Participation in the Crime: If you were charged with the crime of Home Invasion and were simply aware the crime may take place but had no involvement, you cannot be lawfully charged with the crime. One of the factors that the State needs to prove for the conviction of Home Invasion to be valid is proof that the accused entered a dwelling without permission with the intent to commit a crime
  • Mistaken Identity: The person who claims they were a victim to home invasion may have been robbed by someone who is not the accused and may be uncertain and mistaken about the identity of the person. Eyewitnesses of the alleged crime may have identified you as the wrong person. If you have been charged with the crime of Home Invasion and were not present during the occurrence of the alleged crime, the defense of mistaken identity can be used to fight the charges against you. 

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