Federal Money Laundering Criminal Defense Attorney to Fight your Charge in South Florida

We understand you may be in distress right now if you are on our page reading about federal money laundering charges due to allegations. 

Having a run-in with the federal law can be a frustrating process. Perhaps you’ve received a target letter, found out you’re under investigation, or are already facing federal money laundering charges.  Court cases and criminal processes can be hard to wrap our minds around and can have an impact on our mental health

What is a Federal Money Laundering Crime in Florida? 

Money is shown with bubbles to depict federal money laundering. Money Laundering is a serious federal charge.

A federal money laundering crime is when someone disguises the money they earned through illegal means, such as through drug trafficking, and tries to make it look like the money was legally earned.

The crime is considered a federal money laundering crime if you led the laundered money through state lines or laundered it yourself across state lines. 

Federal money laundering involves the crime taking place in, or across, state lines in some way OR if it involves a federal agent or agency. The federal money laundering statute(18 U.S. Code § 1956) essentially makes it illegal to perform a financial transaction with money or property that was obtained illegally. 

Then, If those monies or properties are transported  from a place within the U.S. to a place outside the U.S., or within the U.S. to a different state, a federal money laundering crime has been committed. 


A federal money laundering crime in Florida is not taken lightly in court. You are looking at very severe punishments that could negatively alter the course of your life. 

Consequences for money laundering could include:​

  • Fines: There are no maximum fines on federal money laundering crimes, so you could be looking at fines more than $500,000 or even fines that are double the amount of money involved in the money laundering transaction.
  • Prison: Up to 20 years in federal prison.
  • Civil Penalty: In general, if convicted the person will be responsible to pay the United States for the value of property, funds, monetary instruments, etc; or $10,000.


Facing federal money laundering charges is stressful, but you’re in the right place. 

Rossen Law Firm cares about your future and works to restore peace, hope and stability to your life.  

We, as attorneys, have seen and dealt with federal money laundering cases before and will devote all of our time and resources into ensuring your federal money laundering case has the best possible outcome in court.

Our goal is always to do everything legally possible to minimize your possible prison exposure and fines because we believe one mistake should not cost you the rest of your life. 

Federal Money Laundering Defense Strategies 

  • Lack of intent: In order for you to be convicted of a federal money laundering crime, the prosecution must be able to prove that you knowingly engaged in illegal activity to obtain your money or property. We can argue that you were unaware that your money or property came from illegal means.
  • Forced into scheme: If true, we can argue that you were forced to participate in a money laundering scheme against your will. For example, if a friend threatened you or your family if you did not engage in the money laundering scheme, then we can proclaim that you did not want to actually conduct unlawful activity. This could even indicate that you might have been a victim of a crime rather than a committer of a crime. 

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