Federal Bankruptcy Fraud Criminal Defense Attorney to Fight your South Florida Charge

money, a notepad and a magnifying glass sit on a table to illustrate federal bankruptcy crimes in South FloridaAre you facing federal charges for bankruptcy fraud? We know that these allegations can feel overwhelming and stressful.


You need a knowledgeable federal defense attorney to represent your case. Rossen Law Firm’s award-winning defense attorneys are not only knowledgeable but are passionate about fighting for you and genuinely care about your future.


What is a Federal Bankruptcy Fraud Crime in Florida? 

Federal Bankruptcy Fraud is known as a white collar crime. Anyone who knowingly or intentionally obtains property or other assets from bankruptcy proceedings, states false oath or false proof of claim OR anyone who conceals, destroys, or falsifies documents relating to bankruptcy and withholding documents may be found guilty of a bankruptcy crime. 


Title 17 U.S.C  § 157 describes Bankruptcy fraud as a person having devised or intending to devise a scheme or artifice to defraud for the purpose of executing - or even attempting to execute - bankruptcy fraud; such as filing a petition including fraudulent involuntary petition, files a document in proceeding under title 11 or makes false representation, claim, or promise in relation to a proceeding under title 11 at any time shall be fined and/or face imprisonment. 


Basically - it’s illegal to represent yourself as bankrupt or to file for bankruptcy unless you are truly, actually facing bankruptcy. If you mislead people or forge documents to appear bankrupt when you’re not, it is a serious crime. 



Bankruptcy fraud is a very serious crime. 


If you’re found guilty of federal bankruptcy fraud you could be facing up to 5 years in prison and fines up to $250,000. 



Federal criminal cases are very serious and complex. 


It is important to have a knowledgeable and passionate attorney to represent your case and protect your future. Our attorneys have handled lots of Federal Bankruptcy cases, with us you can ensure that we work with you to strategize the best defense based on your unique case. This ensures you have the best chance of beating the charges and avoiding prison time and large fines. 


Federal Bankruptcy Fraud Defense Strategies 

Of course our goal is to prove that you are not actually committing bankruptcy fraud. How do we do this though? There are a couple of defense strategies that we use to prove this. 


We need to prove that you are not involved in a ‘bust-out scheme,’ meaning that you are racking up credit cards and other debt and then relying on bankruptcy law to get out of paying that debt. We also work to prove that you didn’t defraud or lie in any bankruptcy proceeding. 


Free Federal Bankruptcy  Fraud Defense Strategy Session in South Florida  

We handle Federal Bankruptcy Fraud cases of all types. We know how to protect your rights and provide you with a personalized and aggressive defense to your criminal charges. 


We offer FREE strategy sessions so you know how we’ll work to get the best possible result on your case for you. Set up an appointment to tell us your story and learn specifically how we’d work to defend you. 


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