Federal Bank Fraud Criminal Defense Attorney to Fight your South Florida Charge

A magnifying glass is on a $100 bill. federal bank fraud is a serious criminal charge. South Florida Federal Defense Attorney can defend you.Are you or someone you know facing federal bank fraud charges? Being accused of such a crime requires a seasoned criminal defense attorney to fight for you. Because bank fraud charges are so serious and complex, our attorney’s work to provide you with a unique defense strategy. 


What is a Federal Bank Fraud Crime in Florida? 

Bank fraud is illegally obtaining money, assets, or property owned by a financial institution. It can also be pretending to be a bank or another financial institution and obtaining money from depositors. It is a serious offence on Florida State and the Federal level. 


Legally speaking in Florida, Florida Statute 655.0322 states that any person who knowingly executes or attempts to execute a scheme to defraud a financial institution, affiliate, or service corporation, or any other entity authorized by law to extend credit, obtain money, funds, credits, assets, securities, or other property owned by or under control of a financial institution commits a felony in the first degree. 



Bank Fraud is a very serious crime. If you’re convicted of a federal bank fraud crime, the federal penalties can alter the rest of your life. Another part of why this crime is so tough, is that even if you attempt to commit it, you can still be charged and penalized. 


Under 18 U.S. Code § 1344 , whoever knowingly executes or even attempts to commit Bank Fraud faces a maximum federal prison sentence of 30 years, and fines that can reach as high as $1,000,000.



Our federal criminal defense attorneys have represented individuals facing Federal bank fraud allegations and charges. When facing such a serious crime it is important to find an attorney that you can trust. Our attorneys work closely with you so that you are never left in the dark about your case. We work to protect your reputation and freedom. 


Federal Bank Fraud Defense Strategies 

  • Lack of intent: In order to be found guilty, the prosecution team must prove that the defendant knowingly executed or attempted to scheme or defraud a financial institution, by introducing evidence that shows you had no intent to defraud you can avoid liability. 
  • Done under threat of harm: Another way you can not be held liable for a bank fraud crime is if someone threatens harm to you or your family unless you commit the bank fraud crime on their behalf. 
  • Error: Finally, the most common defense strategy to avoid liability for a bank fraud crime is by asserting that any misrepresentative information at issue was not actual material to the bank and was not criminal. Meaning, if you misrepresent your address on a loan proposal, for example, then that information is likely to be considered immaterial. 

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