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Drug Trafficking is a serious federal crime in South Florida - in this image a hand is holding a bag of white dugs. They need a federal attorney to fight their drug trafficking chargeWe understand criminal charges can threaten your livelihood and make all your future plans, hopes and dreams feel uncertain. If you’re on this page, chances are that you or someone you care about are at risk for being charged with a federal drug smuggling crime. 


It can be frustrating and scary trying to navigate a federal drug smuggling charge, but you’re in the right place - we can help. 


What is a Federal Drug Smuggling Crime in Florida? 

Drug smuggling is when someone illegally imports or exports drugs from one state or one country to another. Drug smuggling becomes a federal crime when the drugs are smuggled across state borders, or into multiple states.


According to the U.S. Code § 841: 

It is illegal to make, distribute or even possess a controlled substance (drugs) with the intent to make or distribute the controlled or counterfeit substance.  



If you are found guilty of federal drug smuggling, you are looking at very severe consequences that could negatively alter the rest of your life. 


Federal drug smuggling crimes can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines and steep prison sentences.


Consequences for federal drug smuggling crimes in Florida:

  • Depending on how many grams and what type of drug, you could be facing anywhere from 10 years in prison to a life sentence in prison for federal drug smuggling.
  • Fines and prison time increase if you were previously convicted of a felony.
  • Fines for federal drug trafficking increase if multiple people/a corporation was involved in federal drug smuggling rather than an individual.
  • Fines for federal drug smuggling can vary from $250,000 to $20 Million for an individual and if the federal drug smuggling or trafficking crime involved a team or group of people, fines can vary from $1 Million to $75 Million.


A man is smuggling drugs, breaking a federal law in south Florida in this image by shoving drugs in his sweatshirt pocketIf you are in a situation where you are facing charges for federal drug smuggling - you’re in the right place. We can help.


We are attorneys with years of experience under our belts and can provide the defense representation for your federal drug smuggling case to get the best possible outcome that ensures that your criminal exposure is minimized as much as possible. 


Federal Drug Smuggling Defense Strategies  

  • Violation of rights: If a police officer found evidence that you were guilty of federal drug smuggling through a search and seizure that violated your rights, we can argue that the evidence is invalid in court because the evidence was found without a proper warrant or without proper probable cause.

  • Lack of awareness: In order for you to be found guilty, the state must be able to prove that you knowingly smuggled illegal drugs. We could potentially argue that you had no idea you possesses the drugs or you believed that the drugs could have been legally brought into the country or state and that you did not intentionally break the law.

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