False Imprisonment: Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Attorney to Fight your South Florida Charge

In this photo a man dressed in black with a handgun grabs a woman's bicep from behind as she goes to enter her car in Fort Lauderdale - this could be considered a False Imprisonment crime in FloridaFacing a False Imprisonment charge can feel devastating, but Rossen Law Firm is here to listen to your side of the story and protect your rights as fully as possible. 


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What is a False Imprisonment Crime in Florida?

A False Imprisonment crime in Florida is the act of depriving another person of personal liberty or freedom of movement for any length of time. 


The crime of False Imprisonment is committed when a person: Forcibly, by threat, confines, abducts, imprisons, or restrains another person unlawfully against their will. 

[FLA. STAT. § 787.02 (2019)]



The crime of False Imprisonment is a third-degree felony in Florida, with penalties of up to 5 years in prison, 5 years of probation, and $5,000 in fines.



If you’re facing a False Imprisonment charge - we are here to help you through this challenging time. Rossen Law Firm has years of experience providing a compassionate and effective defense to personal liberty crimes in Florida, including False Imprisonment charges.


While these situations can feel isolating, many others have been where you are, and Adam and his team have successfully helped them come out to the other side.   


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False Imprisonment Defenses in Florida 

  • Citizen's Arrest: In some instances, a person who is not a law enforcement official can make a "citizen's arrest" by calling for a peace officer when a crime is committed or attempted in their presence, although this defense is not meant to give citizens the right to take the place of law enforcement.

  • Armed Trespasser: A property owner or other authorized person may detain an armed trespasser in a reasonable manner for a short length of time provided law enforcement is called as soon as possible after the trespasser has been detained - If this is the situation, it can be a defense to false imprisonment.


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