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Drug Trafficking Crimes Fort Lauderdale Drug Trafficking Criminal Defense AttorneyThe drug trafficking charges carry an intense label because of the correlation between drug trafficking and general, or even violent, criminal activity. We are here to let you know we do not think you are a criminal and we are ready to fight for your freedom.

What is a Drug Trafficking Crime in Florida?

In the State of Florida, Drug trafficking is defined as the intentional sale, purchase, manufacture, delivery, possession, or transportation into Florida with a certain amount of drugs that are considered the “trafficking limit.” Drug Trafficking generally involves illegal controlled substances, such as heroin, cocaine and methamphetamines; but it can also involve the illegal distribution of prescription drugs.

Listed below are some of the most common controlled substances that are often charged with possession:

  • Trafficking of Cannabis (Also known as Marijuana)
  • Trafficking of Heroin
  • Trafficking of Cocaine 
  • Trafficking of LSD
  • Trafficking of Ecstasy (MDMA)
  • Trafficking of Meth

There is a “threshold” that separates a charge of drug possession from a drug trafficking charge in Florida. It is determined solely on the amount of drugs that you are found in possession of. Florida law defines possession of a controlled substance as the ability to exercise the right of ownership, management, or control over the contraband or goods that have been illegally imported/exported. 

Consequences of Drug Trafficking in Florida

The consequences of drug trafficking vary a great deal depending on the drug you are charged with trafficking and how much you are in possession of. The state of Florida punishes those charged with drug trafficking very seriously because of the link society has created between drug trafficking and other dangerous criminal activity. 
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For Example:

  • If you are caught trafficking more than 25 pounds, but less than 2,000 pounds, of cannabis; or more than 300 cannabis plants, but not more than 2,000 cannabis plants; the crime of trafficking cannabis has the consequence of a mandatory minimum term of 3 years in prison, and fines of up to $25,000.
  • If you are caught trafficking between 200 grams to 400 grams of cocaine, the crime of trafficking cocaine has the consequence of a mandatory minimum term of 7 years in prison, and fines of up to $100,000.

Find the legal definition of trafficking on our drug crime page.

Drug Trafficking Defenses 

  • Illegal Search and Seizure: This defense can be used if law enforcement officers use their power incorrectly and illegally require individuals to submit to a vehicle, home, or body search.  Rossen Law Firm can prove that they illegally searched you and once we file what is called a “motion to suppress” to the clerk, the courts will suppress the evidence as having been illegally collected for your drug trafficking charge. 
  • Entrapment: Entrapment refers to when a law enforcement agent or an agent of the state purposefully induces someone to commit a crime that he or she otherwise would not have been likely or willing to commit. If a police officer was consistently harassing you and convinced you to commit the crime of drug trafficking the defense of entrapment can be used as a complete defense for the crime. 
  • Lack of Knowledge: In order for an individual to be charged with the crime of possession of a controlled substance, the State must prove that the accused had knowledge of the possession. Without that proof, the defense of lack of knowledge can be used and serve as a complete defense to the crime of possession. For example, if you had no knowledge of the large quantity of cannabis in your trunk in your possession when you went on a trip with them across the border on the way home from your vacation in Canada. Drug traffickers oftentimes deceive innocent people into moving their drugs. If you had no knowledge of the presence of the drugs, this defense might defeat the charges.


The State goes after individuals who are suspected of drug trafficking so brutally because of the intersection between crime and drug that has been created socially. It is important we act fast as a team because a delay can cause issues in the result of your defense. 

Give our office a call if you’re facing charges for drug trafficking. We are here to act as your shield against any and all of your criminal convictions. We are very powerful when it comes to defending our client’s rights. 

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