Federal Conspiracy to Commit Fraud Criminal Defense Attorney to Fight your Charge in South Florida

a business man and woman are making a business deal that is a conspiracy to commit a federal crimeIs the FBI alleging that you were involved in conspiring to commit a federal fraud crime? This could include allegations such as being involved in discussions about an illegal agreement of defrauding the United States, or any agency . 


If you have committed criminal intent towards federal conspiracy to commit fraud, you need a skilled federal criminal defense attorney. Federal fraud conspiracy charges are serious and can damage your criminal record and change your future.


If you live in South Florida and are facing Federal Conspiracy Fraud charges, reach out to Rossen Law Firm to learn how we can work to protect your rights and future. 


What is a Federal Conspiracy to Commit Fraud Crimes in Florida? 

Conspiracy to commit a federal crime happens when 2 or more people agree to commit a specific federal crime, and then at least one person does something to move toward committing the crime or carrying out the conspiracy. 


Federal fraud crimes include mail fraud, wire fraud, false claims against the U.S., securities fraud and bank fraud; and a conspiracy charge could involve any of those charges or more.


Being involved in conspiring to commit a federal Fraud crime is when the defendant acts in agreement with at least one other person to commit a fraudulent activity that’s classified as a federal crime.


The legal definition of Federal Conspiracy to commit Fraud is when two or more people agree to commit an unlawful act with the intent to defraud the government. Fraud is defined as making material misleading statements or intentionally omitting material information.  


Federal conspiracy charges are generally covered under the federal statute 18 U.S.C. 371. The federal statute 18 U.S.C. § 1349 is the conspiracy to commit fraud. 18 U.S.C. § 1349 outlaws conspiracies to commit federal fraud offenses, including mail fraud, wire fraud, and securities fraud.



This area of law is very complex and if you believe that you have a run of the federal statutes, you must speak with a federal defense attorney as soon as possible. Some common types of Federal Conspiracy to Commit Fraud Cases include wire fraud, bank fraud, securities fraud, and insurance fraud and the conspiracy to commit these crimes.


One of the scary parts about a federal conspiracy charge to commit fraud is that you could be charged with the same crime whether you were the main person involved in the conspiracy, or the person least involved.


If the following crimes are actually committed, not just conspired to be committed, the penalties are: 

  • Tax Evasion: Maximum fines of $100,000 for an individual and up to 5 years in federal prison.
  • Bank Fraud: Fines up to $1,000,000 and federal prison sentence up to 30 years.
  • Mail & Wire Fraud: Maximum federal prison sentence of 20 years. If a bank was involved, fines increased up to $100,000.
  • Securities Fraud: A fine can be calculated for a person based on the amount of money that they obtained illegally and  / or the person can be sentenced to federal prison for up to 25 years.

Conspiracy to commit the above federal fraud crimes will result in lesser punishments than those listed above (because those are the penalties if the crime is actually completed), but those criminal consequences can give you an idea of the steep kind of punishment you’re looking at.  



When you speak with Rossen Law Firm’s federal defense lawyers we can evaluate the facts of your case and let you know how we’d fight for you and how we’d defend your rights. There may be viable defenses towards your conspiracy to commit federal fraud charges. 


Federal Conspiracy to Commit Fraud Defense Strategies 

  • Show that the defendant wasn’t intentionally involved in the conspiracy: If we can show that the defendant only had knowledge of the conspiracy but did not act in it or supply ideas or engage in conversation or planning, then we can show the person did not have any illegal intent to defraud the United States.
  • The person charged with conspiracy may have not done all of the acts related towards the conspiracy:  When more than one participant is involved, it may be possible to prove that you did not play a role in the conspiracy nor made substantial steps towards the offense.

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