In July 2019, Adam, Manny, and Olivia visited the Tri-City Basketball, Academics and Mentoring Camp up in Belle Glade, Florida for the second year. Adam learned about this camp when he met PBSO Deputy Kenneth Torrence, Coach T, at an In Jacob's Shoes event two years ago. Despite being adversaries in court, Coach T and Adam bonded over their love of the law and helping children realize and reach their full potential. This year Adam decided to start by sharing his story and how he got to where he is today to motivate the kids. Adam wants the kids to know that there will be people in life who will try to steer them off the right path, but they have to be strong, do the right thing, and never give up on their dreams because the sky is the limit, just like he never gave up on his. He also talked to some kids individually about their love for the law and their hopes to one day to be in the criminal justice world like him. Adam and Manny got to run different basketball drills with the kids and see their impressive skills. These kids are very grateful for the opportunity that Coach T, the Sheriff’s Office, and the other coaches have given them. This year the PBSO/PAL Tri-City Basketball, Academics and Mentoring Camp provided had 73 kids ages 13-18 throughout June. Another camp run by the PBSO/PAL is the Tri-City Sports, Academics and MentoringCamp which had 197 kids ages 7-12 throughout June. The camps numbers keep spiking each year, and Adam and his team can’t wait to visit next year to see the growth of the camp. 
If you would like to donate to the PBSO/PAL Tri-City Basketball, Academics and Mentoring Camp, please email Coach T at [email protected]