I had the opportunity to speak at the SIXT rent a car headquarters in Fort Lauderdale to teach the employees the importance of driver safety and how to act if they have been pulled over under suspicion of a DUI. The most important takeaways from my speech are these: 

  • Having a Designated Driver, or a DD is extremely important when you are consuming alcohol and need to get from place to place. 
  • Being a DD is a big task since you are not only responsible for you and your passengers, but others on the road and in the area as well. 
  • A true DD will not consume any alcohol or anything that will impair them from operating a vehicle. 

I want you to understand that you can have a drink or two at dinner, at a graduation, a celebration, and still get arrested for a DUI. 

A cop can arrest you just for smelling alcohol on your breath since they will air on the side of caution, and they would rather arrest you, and you have to deal with the consequences of a DUI rather than take a chance and let you drive away. 

The only true way to avoid a DUI is not to consume any alcohol or anything that will impair you.