How does a DUI affect a professional license in Florida? South Florida DUI Attorney explains


Florida DUI charges unfortunately have the potential to ruin anyone’s reputation – whether that means going to jail, losing your job, or having your driver’s license suspended.

Driving Under the Influence in South Florida can have detrimental affects on anyone’s career, but for someone with a professional license the consequences can be much more intense. Some careers have professional licenses, and if you have a professional license in Florida even an arrest for a DUI – even if you’re not found guilty – can be reason enough for some sort of disciplinary hearing concerning your professional license or even about whether or not you can keep your job in Florida.


A DUI in Florida is considered a first-degree misdemeanor, and carries several serious consequences. DUI charge penalties can severely alter anyone’s life. If someone with a professional license doesn’t handle the DUI charge appropriately it could mean the end of their career.

If you are a professional and are charged with a DUI, you want and need a skilled Florida DUI attorney on your side so that you can keep living the life you love and keep working at the job you’ve worked so hard to have.

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