Coronavirus Chronicles: Mondays with Manny and South Florida Resources

MONDAYS WITH MANNY: South Florida Local Coronavirus Happenings


With so much going on in our community and world right now, Rossen Law Firm wanted to bring to light some true stories from the South Florida community and our own circles when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic and Covid-19. We set up a series of interviews with people who can give us an inside look at the impacts of coronavirus and the way our community is pulling together.


Find all the interviews we’ve done below – from COVID tent nurses in Miami, to small business owners, to friends living in Shanghai and airline and hospitality professionals. 


One of our best announcements yet: Rossen Law Firm Partner Manny is a daddy! Congrats Manny & Astrid & welcome to the world little Emily!

Learn all about Emily, what it’s like for Manny and Astrid to be first-time parents, what they’re learning in and loving about this season of Emily’s life & more. Manny even says he’d rather have his foot run over by a car than endure child birth in a first-time-dad-themed game of ‘would you rather?’

Give it a watch to brighten your week!

Bar Owners in Fort Lauderdale: How COVID impacts small business owners

Does anyone else feel like they need a drink with everything that’s happening? If so, Rec Room has you covered.


As of now in Fort Lauderdale, bars are still completely closed for business due to coronavirus.


Join Sam Solomon, Rec Room bar owner as he shares what it’s like to be a Fort Lauderdale bar owner (one that opened only 1 year ago) in the wake of COVID-19. He admits it’s a stressful time to be a business owner, but is looking toward the future optimistically. If/ when the bar is allowed to open back up, he said some surprises are in the works thanks to some recent renovations.

Virtual Teaching in Broward: Mondays with Manny South Florida Coronavirus Story


Today’s Featured Speaker: Betty Sanchez, a Broward County teacher shares about virtual teaching during a pandemic and what to expect this fall.


Betty shares about what Broward County is doing to help young kids and families and how she’s been keeping in touch with her students.


She also shares some of Broward County’s ideas for resuming school in the fall — it may include students being split into morning and afternoon sessions, or students having an “A week” and a “B week” schedule in which they’d be in school one week, virtual the next.


Watch the interview to learn more about the school system amid the pandemic and perhaps what we can expect as options for the Fall 2020 School year in Broward County.


Marketing and PR during Coronavirus Pandemic


What does PR and Marketing look like in a time when there is a battle and question over if businesses stay open, how you stay open, masks and more?


Today’s Featured Speaker: @Chris Pierson, a marketing and PR expert from Pierson Grant PR (https://piersongrant.com/).


Chris talks about the need to make a new normal for marketing businesses while it’s the best time for some – such as grocery stores – and the worst time for others – such as event industries.


One of his biggest tips: as a brand, keep in touch with your people – stay positive, keep telling stories. When things regain some “normalcy” – your customers will come back.


Pink Pie in Wynwood, Miami on Monday with Manny: Small businesses in the wake of COVID19 pandemic


Imagine if your business’ best month of the year was seemingly stolen.


Today’s Featured Speaker: Michael McGowan, the co-founder and owner of Pink Pie in Wynwood, Miami.


Join Michael as he shares what it’s like being a small business – in an area highly dependent on tourism and foot traffic for mini-pie sales – during the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.


Check Pink Pie out online, PinkPie.com (also below in comments) for 20% off gift cards and to find out about shipping pies nationwide (who wouldn’t want a pie on their doorstep?)


Coronavirus’ effect on the Airline Industry


How did airline industries such as Boeing & Airbus go from leaders of the stock market to completely plummeting due to Coronavirus? Just 3 months ago, Boeing & Airbus were two of the hottest stocks.

Recently, Airbus issued a statement that says they’re in danger of bankruptcy.


Today’s Featured Speaker: Phil Nardini, the Vice President of Sales and Sourcing for GA Telesis – which does more than $1 Billion in business supplying parts to Airbus and Boeing.


Join Phil as he shares how a booming airline industry is now projected to take three years to rebuild due to the coronavirus pandemic. The airline industry expects to see as much as a 30% decrease in the world’s airplane fleets. To learn more from the inside and possible airline industry changes, check out our latest Monday with Manny.



Monday with Manny ft. Sean Harmon in Shanghai, China taking about coronavirus


From China’s wet markets, to phone color codes, to the bar scene in Wuhan – we cover it all when it comes to how China is doing post-COVID-19 peak in today’s Monday with Manny.


Today’s Featured Speaker: Sean Harmon, the general manager of Duvel Moortgat who has lived in Shanghai, China for more than 8 years.


Join Sean as he shares about the unset of the coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic in China. At first, it seemed simple – a longer Chinese New Year holiday and working from home recommended. Then, the lockdown became serious. So serious that you actually couldn’t step outside – in some places, there were sensors on your door. If opened, an alarm would sound. More or less, people can be out and about now in Shanghai, given people are wearing masks and the app tracking their location indicates they’re healthy and haven’t been in any high-risk areas for the virus.


Thank you for sharing with us, Sean Harmon!


Miami Event professional talks about how coronavirus took down the industry


Today’s Featured Speaker: Alejandra Gallo, an ivy-league-educated Miami event industry professional.


Join Alejandra as she shares what the decline in the hospitality industry was like when coronavirus began to spread, and how her company lost half a million dollars in a single day due to dropped contracts. In the face of the pandemic, millions of people – Alejandra unfortunately included – have lost their jobs. Thank you for sharing honestly and candidly with us, Alejandra! We wish a speedy recovery to your industry.


A COVID-19 tent nurse shares what it’s like to work in Miami during the Coronavirus


Today’s Featured Speaker: Bonnie Galvez, a Nurse Practitioner stationed at the COVID-19 Tent at Miami Jackson Memorial Hospital.


Join Bonnie as she shares what it’s like battling COVID-19 on the frontlines in the largest hospital in the state of Florida. In the face of a pandemic, medical and health professionals are putting their health at risk to protect our community. These heroes deserve our praise and gratitude. Thank you, Bonnie!

Feel free to follow Bonnie and her colleagues on Instagram: @FrontLineProvidersMIA 


OTHER CORONAVIRUS RESOURCES for South Floridians, Businesses and Relationships:


How to be an Underwear Entrepreneur:

Johnathan Arias – Founder and Attorney of The Onyx Group – a law firm dedicated to fighting for rights of landlords and business owners – talks about his path of growing up not knowing any Black attorneys to becoming an attorney himself.


He sees himself as a businessman who has a law degree, and feels it’s his life calling to be involved in the business world to be a light. 


Learn more about his business and all the things up his sleeve – such as the book he’s writing called “The Underwear Millionaire” which is all about Underwear Entrepreneurship & about a course – Eviction University – he’s preparing. 


Learn more on his website: https://www.theonyxgrouplegal.com/ 

IG and Twitter: @theonyxgrouplegal 

Facebook: facebook.com/theonyxgrouplegal

Can you be evicted in South Florida during a pandemic?

Can you be evicted due to not paying rent due to job or income loss due to coronavirus in Florida?


Yes, and no … It’s a bit complicated. While the eviction cannot currently be acted upon in Broward County, evictions can still be filed and once the ban is lifted – you may be in immediate trouble.


To learn more about this and more – check out our interview with South Florida Landlord and Tenant Attorney, Marc Brown.



Navigating Relationships During Coronavirus: How to handle stress, how to cope & tips to keep peace



In our interview with Dr. Marni Feuerman, Psychotherapist & Author in South Florida – we learned many helpful tips to navigating coronavirus stress we cannot wait to share with you. They may help bring some sanity into your quarantined days, as South Florida residents are still cooped up at home.


Give it a watch!


For a quick recap of some of her tips, check out our blog for some bullet points.


What Therapists are seeing during Coronavirus and COVID-19


In this video, three therapists from Broward and Palm Beach counties discuss things they’re seeing in their field amid the coronavirus.


To learn even more about the effects of coronavirus on therapists’ small businesses, the transition to telehealth, online counseling and more — check out the full 50 minute interview here: https://www.criminal-defense-dui.lawyer/…/coronavirus-pande…

(^ You will also find links to each therapist in the blog!)


HUGE thank you to everyone who took the time to make this possible and offered their expertise to the community.


Importance of Estate Planning during the Coronavirus in Florida with Rossen & Rosenberg Law Firms


Andy Rosenberg, a lawyer who’s been handling estate planning for more than 20 years, shares the importance of estate planning – specifically in light of the coronavirus pandemic and COVID-19.


The three MOST important documents to get in place, especially in light of coronavirus?

1) Durable Power of Attorney

2) Health Care Surrogate

3) Living Will

(If you have children under 18 years old, a Will and a Trust are also high-priority documents to get in place)


If you can do this all yourself – why hire an attorney?


Andy explains the importance of hiring an attorney for estate planning similar to buying a house – it’s something you only do a handful of times in your life and it’s important to do right. Hiring a lawyer ensures that the Florida legal requirements are met correctly, AND a lawyer can help inform you of all the different options available to you.


To learn more, visit Andy’s website: https://www.rosenberglawfirm.net/

Give him a call: 954-755-7803

Or send him an email: [email protected]


Coronavirus Court Closures in South Florida


What’s the deal with coronavirus court closures in South Florida?


As an attorney, and a client, court is a serious matter. One of the last things we would want for is for anyone to get a warrant for their arrest – especially with the coronavirus pandemic – due to missing court from not understanding whether or not court is cancelled.


For the most part, all essential hearings are being held over the phone or over Zoom for Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. Palm Beach County is a bit different, and it’s holding more in-person hearings, court dates, etc. A client may or may not have to appear for the digital hearings – you will have to communicate with your lawyer to find out what you need to appear for.


In Broward and Miami-Dade all jury trials are suspended until June as of the end of April.

Second DUI, 0.19 Breath
DUI Charge Dismissed
Federal Child Porn Possession
Mandatory Prison Time Avoided
Attempted Murder
Charges Dismissed
How We Win
Second DUI, 0.19 Breath
DUI Charge Dismissed
Federal Child Porn Possession
Mandatory Prison Time Avoided
Attempted Murder
Charges Dismissed
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