Criminal and DUI Defense Attorneys get five star reviews from clients in Fort Lauderdale

Adam is a great lawyer and a great person. I was charged with very serious crimes, shooting into an occupied vehicle and discharging a firearm in public


The first thing that Adam did after I hired him was sit me down and teach me all that I needed to know about the laws involved in my case. I was looking at 20 years in prison for my road rage shooting case. 

Adam made sure that I had a full understanding of the court proceedings, what I could/could not say or do, and he kept me informed all throughout the years that my case lasted. He also made sure that I had a full understanding of every decision that he made or the full consequences of mine during my road rage shooting case. 

Adam was very friendly to me and everyone else at all times but when pushed in the courtroom he pushed back aggressively and always came out on top. I never doubted his abilities, but after seeing his performance against other lawyers I have full confidence in him. I recommend him to anyone if you want to have as much peace of mind in your darkest of days.

- G.A.