Domestic Violence Defense Attorneys get five star reviews from clients in Fort Lauderdale

Mr. Rossen is direct, honest and protective. Adam Rossen proved himself to be knowledgeable about Domestic Violence. He gave me the proper guidance and professional consultation to not only have the charges dropped, but also walked me through the process of having my record expunged for my Domestic Violence case

As an attorney, Adam went above and beyond with answering any and all requests I had, all of the many hoops that state attorneys required and the directives the judge set forth for my Domestic Violence case. He provided a listening ear with all of my many questions pertaining to rebuilding my professional and personal life after such a devastating blow.

I would not have this second opportunity at a richer life if it were not for the gentle and professional guidance and proficiency of Mr. Adam Rossen. Adam is a true find in the murky waters of professional attorneys.

- C.A.