Coronavirus Crimes: Know and protect your quarantine rights

The Complete Guide to Quarantine-Related Crimes & Courthouse Closures in South Florida


Ever since the coronavirus hit South Florida, regulations and questions have been swirling around.


In this Coronavirus Crimes booklet, you’ll find a guide to quarantine-related crimes and courthouse closures in South Florida. 


In this FREE report you’ll learn:

  • About court closures and how to stay on top of your court dates amid the coronavirus pandemic 
  • Mask Rules & Consequences in South Florida
  • If you can sue or press charges for intentional COVID-19 spread
  • If you can be arrested for breaking coronavirus quarantine
  • What is considered an essential business
  • Police encounters during COVID-19 Quarantine 
  • What happens if people with mental health diagnoses break quarantine
  • Safety checkpoints during quarantine
  • What happens if you’re arrested 

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