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  • Loyal readers we need your help! Adam has been murdered and it's up to you to figure out who the killer is! We've got 3 suspects and it's your job to help us crack this case. Enter if you dare for a chance to solve this murder mystery extraordinaire...

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When the Monday Marketing Meeting Goes Murder...

Facts: On October 1st, 2018 Adam David Rossen was found dead in his office located at 6400 N Andrews Avenue in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Adam’s body was found by his assistant, Walter Cappillo, at 2:31pm, who then called 911 from his cell phone.

When the police arrived at the office at 2:57pm, the three suspects, Manny, Christina, and Walter were all present for questioning. Between initial interviews and lab tests, the following information was ascertained.

  • The four had just finished their weekly marketing meeting fifteen minutes before Walter found Adam’s body.
  • All three suspects were still in the office when the body was found.
  • The four of them had ordered lunch from Jersey Mike’s that day. Manny had volunteered to pick up the lunch order and passed out all of the food.
  • Christina had baked special brownies that day for inducing creativity during the marketing meeting. Christina handed out the brownies to everyone. Each of them ate an entire brownie during the meeting.
  • Walter made Adam a cup of coffee with fancy foam upon his request, to go with the brownie.
  • Lab results confirm that Adam was poisoned; however, results are inconclusive as to the origin of the poison.
  • Adam ate his entire brownie, his entire sandwich, and drank his entire cup of coffee, all within a 20 minute period.
  • All wrappers, cups, and crumbs were conveniently disposed of immediately after the meeting, right as the garbage was being picked up by building cleaning staff, meaning there is no way to confirm which of these items contained the poison.

Kyley is convinced that one of these three murdered Adam. She believes each of them had their own motive and has decided to conduct pointed interviews with each person to determine who the killer is. Turn the page to see what she discovered...