If You or a Loved One has been Arrested for Domestic Violence in the city of Weston, Our Domestic Violence Lawyers Can Help

Weston Broward County Sheriff, Weston Domestic Violence Defense AttorneyIn the heat of the moment, situations may escalate, emotions run high, and situations can occur that were never intended. 

The circumstances that revolve around an arrest for Domestic Violence are highly stressful and often very scary. Whatever the specific details of your circumstance may be, we here at the Rossen Law Firm are ready to listen without judgment. We help good people when bad things happen to them and we are proud to serve as Domestic Violence Lawyers in the city of Weston.

If a family in the city of Weston calls the police regarding a domestic dispute, the Broward County Sheriff’s office is dispatched to investigate the situation. Almost all domestic dispute calls in the city of Weston will result in an arrest for Domestic Violence

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What is Considered Domestic Violence in the City of Weston?

In the state of Florida, domestic violence is a criminal offense that is committed when one household member or romantic partner takes an action that results in the physical injury or death of another household member or romantic partner. 

Since domestic violence is a criminal offense, the alleged victim cannot choose to simply drop the charges against the alleged offender. Once an officer from the Broward County Sheriff's Office performs an arrest for domestic violence, that police report goes to the state prosecutor’s office where the state will then determine whether to pursue the charge or drop it.

What Are Examples of Domestic Violence Charges in the City of Weston?

A battery crime occurs when an individual touches or injures another person against his or her will. An example can be a spouse or relative slapping another.

An assault crime occurs when an individual makes a threat in word or action to harm another person. An example can be if a spouse or relative takes a kitchen utensil and holds it as a weapon and threatens to use it to attack their relative or spouse.

A sexual battery crime occurs when an individual has non-consensual sexual contact with another person. Sexual battery is the formal legal title for “rape” in the state of Florida. An example can be if a spouse or relative says he or she does not want to have sex and then another spouse or relative ignores those requests and does so anyway. Contrary to certain societal misconceptions, it is possible to be charged with raping one’s spouse.

The crime of violating an injunction takes place when an individual disobeys a court order that prohibits the person to have contact with another person. If one gets arrested for domestic violence in the city of Weston, that person will then have to appear before a magistrate judge where it will be determined whether or not a no-contact order will be placed on the defendant to prevent contact with the alleged victim. 

Often, judges will decide to put a no-contact order in place. This offense is commonly paired with the crime of domestic violence because there are many cases when the alleged victim and alleged offender will try making contact with one another, especially if they have a child together. The terms of a no contact order are strict and can bear harsh consequences when violated. It is also possible under certain circumstances that a judge may lift a no contact order.

A kidnapping crime occurs when a person’s personal liberty is violated by being confined against his or her will.

A Domestic Violence Charge in the City of Weston can have a Severe Impact on Your Life

If the event of the arrest itself were not already stressful enough, there are other factors that a domestic violence charge in the city of Weston brings that can derail your life. Even if the event itself was a misunderstanding, the alleged offender could be facing jail time, probation, community service, or even deportation for non-citizens.

A conviction for this offense in the city of Weston can make an individual lose custody of his or her children, face possible job loss, and have a criminal charge that cannot be sealed. In situations where the incident was a misunderstanding, the charge can separate families that want to be together and cause severe complications for children. It can add additional tension to relationships that may need counseling, but not necessarily a criminal charge.

Each set of circumstances that result in an arrest for Domestic Violence is different and we at the Rossen Law Firm are here to listen, not to judge. We serve the city of Weston by helping good people when bad things happen to them. These situations are very rarely black and white and often have a lot of gray. 

In many cases, time and space may be needed in the midst of difficulty in relationships. Oftentimes, jail time and an arrest do not help the situation and only make matters worse. This is especially the case when the primary breadwinner is put in jail or given a no contact order. This outcome is, in many cases, either a mistake or a poor solution for many families.

How Can a Weston Domestic Violence Defense Attorney Help?

As mentioned earlier, the Rossen Law Firm exists to help good people when bad things happen to them. Our firm’s goal is to help our clients achieve their best futures. We take a holistic approach to serving our clients so that they not only resolve their legal matter, but also become empowered to have a brighter tomorrow and put the incident behind them.

Even though the alleged victim cannot elect to drop the criminal charges against the alleged offender, a domestic violence defense attorney can use a desire to do so as a part of his or her legal strategy. If the alleged victim would like to drop the charges, we can have him or her sign a “waiver of prosecution”, which is a legal document that formally tells the state prosecutor that the alleged victim wishes that the charges be dropped. If a legitimate reason is provided, this document can be very effective in getting the domestic violence charges dropped.

A domestic violence defense attorney in Weston can also work to get a no contact order lifted in situations where that is in the best interest of the individuals involved. Even if the alleged victim would like to keep the no contact order in place, a domestic violence defense attorney can serve as an intermediary between the parties to shield the individuals from the consequences of violating the order. 

A Weston domestic violence defense attorney can also use mitigation strategies to convince prosecutors to drop the charges. An example is getting the individuals involved into counseling or the alleged offender into an anger management program. This will show the state prosecutors that the defendant and the alleged victim are taking proactive steps to resolve the matter and prevent a similar dispute from occurring again. This also can help address roots of tension in relationships and helps bring healing to those involved.

For more information, schedule a Free Strategy Session for your domestic violence case. We know that this situation is extremely difficult and we can walk you through it and make sure you do not feel helpless or alone. Our defense team has handled a number of domestic violence cases in the city of Weston and we love helping families in one of the hardest moments of their lives so that they can achieve their best futures. This incident does not have to define the rest of your life. Schedule a Free Strategy Session with our Weston Domestic Violence Defense Attorneys today.

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