Super Smart Siblings Unite: Learn About South Florida Criminal Defense Attorneys & Their Brothers

Rossen Law Firm April 2019 Newsletter: Criminal and DUI defense law firm newsletter cover

Inside this issue:

  • Super Smart (& Over-Achieving!) Siblings:  In honor of National Siblings Day we sat down to talk about brotherly love with Adam and Manny    
  • Cross Training Includes Community:  How One Local Gym Is Changing Lives Through More than Just Fitness
  • Power Packed Blueberry Pie Protein Smoothie Recipe
  • A Page from My Playbook:  My son was in a bar fight and arrested for battery.  How long is this going to take to get resolved?

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Super Smart (& Over-Achieving!) Siblings

Here at the firm, Manny and Adam have a lot of interesting many they may as well be brothers from other mothers!

  • They were born one day apart (Manny on the 14th of March, and Adam on the 15th), „ 
  • They’re both stellar criminal attorneys, „ 
  • They both worked for the government before switching to private practice, „ 
  • They both play basketball, „
  • They’re both HUGE Gators fans, „ 
  • They both married lawyers „ 
  • They’re both older brothers

And now we find out they have yet another similarity...both of their brothers are doctors (or in Manny’s case, soon to be doctors!) Adam’s younger brother, Matthew, is an oral surgeon, and while Manny’s brother, Alex, isn’t sure which speciality he’s interested in yet, he just completed his white coat ceremony and will be starting rounds soon.

 In honor of National Siblings Day (which is April 10th) we sat down with Adam and Manny to share some brotherly love for their brothers. 

Q. What’s it like to have both a doctor and lawyer in the immediate family? Adam: “It’s every Jewish mother’s dream!” 

Manny: “Technically he’s not a doctor yet. But we rarely talk about our professions, or in his case, future profession. We also bond over our desire to save the coral reefs.”

Q. Were you and your brother close growing up? 

Adam: “We were very close. It was hard not being in the same school after 6th grade since we’re three and a half years apart. We haven’t even lived in the same city for the past twenty years because of school, so it’s great that my brother is finally back in South Florida.” 

Manny: “We were very close growing up. My brother was a big kid, so even though he was four years younger he could still hang and keep up with the older kids.” 

Q. Every set of siblings has a rivalry. What was yours? 

Adam: “We had different interests, so I wouldn’t say there was too much of a rivalry going on. Except when we played video games. We got pretty competitive when it came to games, especially with Mario Kart.” 

Manny: “We both played basketball, but we weren’t competitive. We were focused on helping each other get better. But when it came to FIFA, the video game, we were definitely rivals.” 

Q. What’s the best part of having him for a brother? 

Adam: “We always had each other as best friends and family. Having someone who was always there for me was huge.” 

Manny: “Transitioning from being the older brother helping him grow to having him inspire and motivate me. Alex is very into fitness. He’ll still make time to workout three hours a day while in medical school. His commitment inspired me to take better care of my body.” 

If only we were all fortunate enough to have such awesome siblings! Happy National Siblings Day to you and yours!