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  • Community Highlights: Local South Florida Army Vet Creates Company Where Veterans Can Thrive
  • A Page From My Playbook: Tackling Life and Law Through Positive Change
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Community Highlights: Local South Florida Army Vet Creates Company Where Veterans Can Thrive

At the Rossen Law Firm we’re fortunate enough to know and work with some wonderful and interesting people who, like us, are dedicated to giving back to the community. 

One of our favorites is Mike Sherbondy, an army veteran and South Florida native who founded "Copy That" in October of 2015, an online store that sells computers, electronics, jewelry, and toys, among other products.

“We’re not out for the almighty dollar, we’re out to help people,” says Mr. Sherbondy with clarity and sincerity.

In forming Copy That, Mr. Sherbondy aimed to provide a safe space that caters to veterans who are struggling with readjusting to civilian life. “Veterans will only open up to veterans,” says Mr. Sherbondy. “When veterans get together they do talk.”

That’s why his goal was to create a productive environment where they would be able to talk to each other while also receiving training and hands-on workforce experience. In the future Copy That hopes to provide onsite-counseling services as well. The inspiration behind the company comes from Mr. Sherbondy’s own difficult experience.

“I’m a disabled veteran myself. When I got out I felt like I had failed my country and my family because I got hurt.”

Through Copy That he hopes to fulfill his own life’s purpose of helping veterans who find themselves in a similar situation upon their return home. When asked about the company’s impact thus far, Mr. Sherbondy recounts the success stories of the veterans who have worked with him. A primary example of that is an Iraq war veteran named Clifford, who had a passion for fitness. Lacking the funds tostart his own personal training service, Clifford worked with Copy That for 4 months while building up his own company. Mr. Sherbondy was thrilled when Clifford left to pursue his own dream.

“It’s helping me more than anyone else,” he says of Copy That’s positive impact. The company also donates a portion of its proceeds to three different charities for veterans, including the Fisher House Foundation, the Gary Sinise Foundation and the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. Since July 4th two dollars from every order has been donated, and with just over 2,000 orders the company is proud to have raised $4,000 for these organizations so far. But it doesn’t stop there as this promotion runs through Veteran’s Day.

“We don’t only hire veterans but that’s who we look to first.” Mr. Sherbondy even attends Veterans’ Association group sessions in order to recruit team members for Copy That. As far as the future goes, the company is focused on growth and hopes to hire 4–5 more veterans here in the South Florida area within the next year alone.