Home insurance claim attorney needed as Florida house fires rise in quarantine and during hurricanes

As South Florida remains quarantined, there is something other than germs people should be cautioned about:  House Fires.  

When most people envision a house fire, they often think about leaving home for work without blowing out a candle, or forgetting to turn off a kitchen appliance that can catch fire. 

The South Florida Sun Sentinel reported, however, that ever since the quarantine began, there has been a rapid increase in the number of reported home fires.

From March 12 - March 24, the Red Cross responded to an alarming rate of more than 30 home fires. The Red Cross provided emergency assistance to 133 individuals across South Florida.

Home fires are generally covered by your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy, and the smoke damage resulting from the fires can be tremendous.  In addition to the actual damage of the flames, other damage can arise that needs to be addressed.

For instance, when a kitchen fire occurs, smoke can permeate into your kitchen cabinets.  Smoke damage can completely ruin the integrity of your cabinets. In these cases, replacing the cabinets is the best and most cost-effective solution. 

You’ll need a professional crew to remove your smoke-damaged kitchen cabinets and ensure your kitchen is safe and ready for new cabinets to be installed.  Luckily, this should all be covered by your insurance company – depending on your policy.

The same goes for smoke damage that permeates into clothes, furniture, and personal belongings in your home.


If you, or someone you know, has had a fire breakout in their home, The Rossen Law Firm is here to help walk you through the steps you can take to ensure:

1.) Your insurance company does not Wrongfully Deny your claim

2.) You are paid the full amount necessary to get your home back into its pre-loss condition.


After you call 911, call us to ensure that your claim goes smoothly:  (754) 999-2499.

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Learn fire prevention tips from the American Red Cross in this 2-minute video: