Happy Hour Turned Happily Ever After

Manny and Astrid pose on the front of Rossen law firm's DUI and criminal defense monthly newsletter for South Florida

Inside this issue:

  • Happy Hour Turned Happily Ever After: Check Out Manny & Astrid's Love Story 
  • A Page from My Playbook: Adam celebrates his 20 year anniversary working at Chili's & has some great life advice learned from the restaurant world
  • New Recipe - Christina's Rich & Creamy Peanut Butter Smoothie
  • Singles Strike Back: This Valentine's Day is all about self love
  • What Happens When Love Turns to Obsession...?

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Cover Story:

Happy Hour Turned Happily Ever After: Check Out Manny & Astrid's Love Story 

A decision to skip an optional constitutional law lecture to enjoy happy hour ended up being a life-changing move for this couple!

Last year for Valentine’s Day we gave you Adam’s love story turned showdown between prosecution and defense. This year we want to share another legal love story with you, that of our junior partner, Manny Serra-Jovenich and his wonderful wife, Astrid. 


They met in law school at a happy hour all the way back in 2012, and have been going strong ever since.


Manny tells us he was very persistent and started talking her ear off. But what set him apart from all the other law students? “I always called instead of texting,” Manny tells us. And we agree that today that is a solid, rare quality in a person.


Thankfully these two practice completely different areas of law, so there’s no risk of a courtroom showdown. Still, we had to ask whether living with another lawyer leads to a lot of sparring at home.


“We’re both opinionated but reasonable. I couldn’t live with someone who wasn’t reasonable.”


Instead of heated debates, Manny and Astrid are more into loving gestures (which you can’t argue is probably a much better relationship strategy!).


One year Astrid surprised Manny for his birthday with a stay at the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay in San Francisco. “I always wanted to see the Maverick’s surf break, and that surprise was probably the most thoughtful thing she’s ever done for me. We had been saving money and trying to pay back student loans at that time – so for her to splurge for my birthday was extra special.”


The surprises are apparently mutual. Manny learned the guitar without Astrid knowing about it! “I left the guitar at other people’s houses & offices so that I could practice and she wouldn’t find out. When I finally learned how to play a song she loves by Dashboard Confessional, I played it for her and she was shocked. We got engaged that same day.”

With so much love in the air, we had to ask if they’ve faced any significant obstacle.


“The only point of real contention during our relationship was the first time Astrid came over to my parents’ house. She parked her car in the driveway and she had an FSU license plate. I come from a family with three generations of hardcore Gators fans, so the neighbors were actually calling asking why someone with FSU plates was parked in the driveway.


We’re glad that even college football couldn’t sack such a wonderful relationship before it really got started.


Despite their busy schedules, Manny and Astrid continue to grow closer. We asked how other couples can replicate their success, and Manny had some great advice to share. 


“Do things together. Don’t just sit around and watch Netflix. Get away from the screen, experience new things together. That will help you get to know the other person and really grow your relationship.”