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  • Gratitude Always Wins: From Weddings to Travel to Family and Friends, See What We're Thankful for this Holiday Season 
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Gratitude Always Wins: From Weddings to Travel to Family and Friends, See What We're Thankful for this Holiday Season 

Gratitude is the name of the game this month (and every month really!) and so we’ve decided to get into the spirit of Thanksgiving by sharing what each of us are grateful for in our lives this year. 


1) I’m grateful I was finally able to go on my honeymoon with my wife, Kyley. Even though we were married two years ago, I wasn’t able to take off any extended period of time from work because I’ve been so busy. This year, we finally made the time to go away and it was the trip of a lifetime. We spent 3 weeks going to Paris and then touring throughout Italy. It was truly incredible to stand in the Roman Colosseum and imagine gladiators fight to the death over two thousand years ago. At night we drank wine on the steps of the Pantheon under the stars. This trip would never have been possible without the hard work, loyalty and dedication of my staff, which brings me to the next thing I’m grateful for.

2) Bringing Manny on as a Junior Partner. Earlier this year I went to lunch with Manny to catch up on things and little did I know it would change the course of the firm and make us unstoppable. Manny is an experienced trial lawyer and has taken a large responsibility handling criminal cases and heading the property division. I can’t wait till we have our first trial together and crush it for our client! But not only is he great at helping our clients and kicking the prosecutors’ butts, we also have a fun work dynamic in the office. Manny, Walter and myself had an office pool for the World Cup and routinely watched the games and cheered on our favorite teams. There is no better feeling that going to work everyday with two of your best friends.


1) I am thankful for my family: In 2018, I was lucky enough to get to marry my best friend, Astrid. I was fortunate enough to be able to add Miguel, Yrma, and Naky to my already loving family. Everyone's family may not be perfect, but we all should remember that nothing should come between family and that blood is thicker than water!

2) I am thankful for my health: In 2018, I suffered a few injuries that set me back a few months, but they gave me perspective on how lucky I am to have an able, working, and healthy body. These injuries were just minor setbacks to a major comeback! I will never take my health for granted again.

BONUS: I am also very thankful for The Florida Gators Head Football Coach, Dan Mullen.


1) I’m grateful for being around people that have pushed me to maintain my child-like spirit and sense of wonder. I have always been told that the best things in life sometimes are the ones that are least expected and unplanned. So when I travel over 2,000 miles to go to Colorado with my friends (ON A WHIM) and being able to take in a different place, culture and scenery it makes me value my experiences that much more and I can’t wait to tell my kids about it.

2) I’m grateful that I have pushed myself physically as much as I have. Since the beginning of the year I have done things I never thought I’d do, I have done a lot of lifting, racing and other sports that I’ve never tried. I have completed two obstacle race courses (Boston and Miami) and scheduled to complete one more in December. I wouldn’t be there unless it was for the right people motivating me and making it possible for me to be the best version of me.


1) I’m grateful I was able to go on a horseback riding odyssey through Costa Rica. Along my solo journey I met a few other inspiring women from Germany and Switzerland, and got to explore a beautiful country that I would love to revisit someday. The trip also gave me the opportunity to turn off my phone, and fully check out for a week so that I could rejuvenate my mind, body and soul.

2) I’m grateful for my wonderful family and friends who selflessly love and support me every single day - some of whom even followed me all the way from New York to South Florida!