How my husband ruined my life: Rossen law Firm's February 2021 Newsletter + At-Home Valentine's Day Guide


Fort Lauderdale Criminal and DUI Defense Attorney Marketing Director Megan's Wedding photoLove at first sight? The jury is still out on that. In honor of Valentine's Day, our firm likes to highlight our employees' love stories - this year you get to hear from our marketing director Megan and her unlikely story of meeting her husband, Tim. 

Here's the thing you need to know - I wasn't looking for a relationship when I met Tim. A senior in college in Boston, recently out of a serious 2-year relationship, I had shifted to aggressively making plans for building my future. 

Enter: Tim. One day a friend convinced me I needed to meet this guy, she thought we'd hit it off. I was highly skeptical, but told her I was open to it (almost solely so she'd stop bugging me about it). She begged me to come to a party at Tim's apartment that weekend. I said I'd make an appearance (side note - I didn't even really 'do' college parties. Not my thing). 

This is why these details of the night we met are wild: There was a legitimate blizzard burying Boston. Tim's apartment was only a 20-minute walk from mine, but that wasn't happening in the weather. I was at dinner with my friends and was ready to bail on meeting this dude I didn't really care to meet. 

My compromise: I'm going to order a Lyft, and if a pickup truck shows up, then I'll go to this stupid party. ... If not, I'm not going and am ordering another cocktail & sushi roll. 

A pickup truck in Boston was like a unicorn - especially if you're talking about a driving service. But low & behold a few minutes later a pickup truck showed up at the restaurant. So, with equal parts shock, disappointment & awe I hopped in. 

Long story short, Tim opened the door and I just felt something I'd never felt before. I'm not joking that my first thought was "this guy is going to mess my life up." It wasn't an omen, but more so a deep knowing that Tim was going to become incredibly important to me and that it'd mean what I thought my immediate future would look like might change. 

Within the same week we grabbed brunch, I drank at least 5 cups of coffee & Tim still thought I was out of his league. A few months later I turned down my Teach for America job in the midwest to continue to live and work in Boston after school and the rest is history, as they say. We met in January 2016 (basically as children) and now will be celebrating 4 years of marriage this September. 

Life has never been sweeter. We think we're the best team, true best friends and are both united and driven over a few core values: We love to create. We want the world to be different because we were here. We deeply value relationships, generosity, curiosity, adventure and joy. 

And that's the spark notes version about how this random guy I didn't want to meet "messed my life up" and changed it in the best of ways. Cheers to forever being surprised by love. 


How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home in South Florida 

With covid cases on the rise in South Florida, many people are opting for at-home celebrations in honor of Valentine’s Day instead of going out to dinner. 

We’ve put together a simple, decadent guide for your at-home Valentine’s date night. 

At Home Valentine's Day guide for a covid friendly valentine's Day in South Florida


We've also got your desserts covered. Below, find recipes for our favorite flourless chocolate cake & how to make chocolate covered strawberries. Trust us - anyone can do the strawberries.


At home valentines day chocolate covered strawberry recipe for safe South Florida Valentine's date at home


At home valentine's day guide for a romantic at home, covid safe date night. click this image for a flourless chocolate cake recipe.


What’s a South Florida Criminal Defense Attorney’s favorite valentine? Your 5-star reviews!

Your reviews are always our favorite valentines. 


We're so appreciative to all our clients and community members who continue to support us! You can read more of our reviews on our website, or at our Fort Lauderdale Google Business listing


Fort Lauderdale Criminal & DUI Defense Attorney's favorite valentines are your 5-star reviews



The Future of DUIs in South Florida

We often get asked this question: "Can I get a DUI for drugs?"


The long and short of it is yes. Yes, in Florida you can get a DUI for driving under the influence of drugs. 

A DUI does not mean only drinking, it means Driving Under the Influence - and in Florida, it’s illegal to drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This would include substances commonly referred to as recreational drugs. 

As criminal defense and DUI defense attorneys in South Florida, we have a hunch that in the near future we will be seeing many more cases of DUIs related to drug use. One of the reasons we think this is simply because certain drugs - such as marijuana - are more readily available than ever before. 

More police officers in South Florida are also getting specific training to be able to spot drivers who they think may be under the influence of drugs. 

Being under the influence of any illegal drug substances while driving is a DUI crime that, as a first offense, can come with punishment of up to 6 months in jail and up to $1,000 in fines. 

Learn more about South Florida DUIs from a Fort Lauderdale DUI attorney here, and more about South Florida DUIs for driving under the influence of Drugs here


Dr. Mizrachy: A deep legal dive into a local high-profile case

In January, many South Florida families were met with deeply unfortunate news: a prominent area pediatrician was arrested on three child-pornography related felonies.

As criminal defense attorneys, we're not going to talk about the morality of this case here, and we recognize this topic may hit too close to home. But as criminal defense attorneys, we also feel we have a unique perspective to offer on this case - we wrote a blog post all about Dr. Michael Mizrachy’s arrest and the his alleged crimes in hopes of offering answers to questions the community may have about his case, the charges, and the consequences he may face.

We also speculate as to additional criminal charges he may face given the information provided in his police report, by BSO and other news reports. While certainly not "light reading" we thought we might be able to dive into this recent, highly publicized local arrest and offer some legal commentary, answers to questions and explanations as to the charges he's facing, and other charges we think he could possibly face given his actions and his role in the community.

Learn more about Dr. Mizrachy’s case here

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