Importance of Estate Planning during the Coronavirus in Florida with Rosenberg Law Firm


Coronavirus reveals importance of estate planning in Florida - a man signs a will or estate documents in this folderAndy Rosenberg, a Coral Springs and South Florida estate lawyer who's been handling estate planning in Florida for more than 20 years, shares the importance of estate planning - specifically in light of the coronavirus pandemic and COVID-19. 


If you've never even thought about estate planning before, it can certainly be daunting to think about. We'll help you out by telling you about the most important documents to get into place.


The three MOST important documents to get in place, especially in light of the coronavirus pandemic: 


1) Durable Power of Attorney

2) Health Care Surrogate

3) Living Will 


(If you have children under 18 years old, a Will and a Trust are also high-priority documents to get in place) 


If you can do this all yourself - why hire an estate planning attorney?


Andy explains the importance of hiring an attorney for estate planning similar to buying a house - it's something you only do a handful of times in your life and it's important to invest in doing it right. 


Hiring a lawyer ensures that the Florida legal requirements are met correctly, AND a lawyer can help inform you of all the different options available to you when it comes to your will, your future, and the future of your loved ones. 


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