Coronavirus reveals importance of estate planning in Florida - a man signs a will or estate documents in this folderImportance of Estate Planning during the Coronavirus in Florida with Rossen & Rosenberg Law Firms 


Andy Rosenberg, a lawyer who's been handling estate planning in Florida for more than 20 years, shares the importance of estate planning - specifically in light of the coronavirus pandemic and COVID19. 


The three MOST important documents to get in place, especially in light of coronavirus: 


1) Durable Power of Attorney

2) Health Care Surrogate

3) Living Will 


(If you have children under 18 years old, a Will and a Trust are also high-priority documents to get in place) 


If you can do this all yourself - why hire an attorney?


Andy explains the importance of hiring an attorney for estate planning similar to buying a house - it's something you only do a handful of times in your life and it's important to do right. 


Hiring a lawyer ensures that the Florida legal requirements are met correctly, AND a lawyer can help inform you of all the different options available to you. 


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