If I’m making a Florida home insurance claim, why wouldn't I just go through my insurance company? 

Tree fallen on top of a fort Lauderdale home - you need a south florida home insurance attorney if you find yourself in this situationIn a perfect world, maybe you could simply file a home insurance claim with your insurance company and get a fair settlement and fair determination of what the damage will cost to fix. 


Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world and insurance companies have been notorious for putting their own interests ahead of their insureds' interest. 


Many claims are wrongfully denied or underpaid.


Unfortunately, your insurance company really isn’t there to “take care of you” - your Florida home insurance company cannot be counted on to adjust each and every claim fairly. As a homeowner, you want someone who will actually fight to get everything you deserve from your home insurance company, and a florida home insurance attorney can do that for you.  


Here are some quick examples from home insurance claims that Manny at Rossen Law Firm has represented which illustrate how insurance companies often either wrongfully deny a homeowner’s Florida home insurance claim, or how they try to underpay the homeowner when an insurance claim is made.


In one case, a homeowner whose insurance company tried to underpay his claim hired Manny.  Manny was able to get this client 13x what the insurance company initially wanted to pay the homeowner for the damage his home suffered from Hurricane Irma within only ONE MONTH of being retained.


In another case where a Florida home insurance company tried to deny a homeowner coverage for his home insurance claim, Manny was able to get the client more than 5x what the insurance company initially estimated the damage to be. Initially, the insurance company said the hurricane damage was below the deductible amount - meaning they wouldn’t cover it - but then Manny got the homeowner a settlement of more than 5X what his hurricane deductible was. 


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