What is a Florida Home insurance company responsible for when your home is damaged?

A man stands next to a hole in his wall where a pipe has burst - he's on the phone with Fort Lauderdale Home Insurance attorney manny, and has a bucket and sponge on the ground for water damageWhat your Florida Home Insurance Company will and will not cover when your home suffers damage depends on the type of policy you have. 


There are several different types of homeowner's insurance policies in Florida. The most common policy for a single-family home in South Florida is a HO-3 insurance policy. 


HO-3 policies often provide home insurance coverage in the event of an unforeseen circumstance, including damage from fire, lightning, wind, theft, or certain events causing water damage (like hurricanes, named storms, burst pipes).


Other policies might have different types of coverage - for example, some townhomes might require the homeowner to have a lesser insurance policy because maybe the Homeowners Association (HOA) has an insurance policy that covers your roof, for example. 


Different policies have different types of coverage. Also, within a policy - such as a single family home HO-3 policy - every policy is different. 

You could have different coverage options you pay for, you may have certain limits on your policy - often, policies may come with a mold damage limit or a water damage limit.


Every Florida home insurance policy is different and each claim needs to be reviewed by a trained eye before making a determination on whether your claim for damage to your home will be covered by your insurance company or not. 


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FUN TIP: When an insurance company is flooded with hurricane claims, whose file do you think they put to the top of the pile? A public adjuster cannot file a lawsuit to trigger fees if the claim is not handled timely or appropriately. An attorney’s file will be handled more quickly since they have the power to jump into court if the claim is not resolved in a timely, fair manner. 


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