What is a drug diversion program in South Florida? Fort Lauderdale criminal Drug Defense Attorney explains drug court is a special court in Florida that can offer more help to people struggling with addiction or substance abuse

When someone is facing a drug crime allegation in South Florida, there are a few different ways the case could be resolved - including with a diversion program for Florida drug offenses. 


Many jurisdictions in Florida allow for drug- specific programs that are meant for people facing criminal drug charges in Florida. These drug-specific programs include both Florida drug-treatment court and drug diversion programs.  


What is a Florida drug diversion program & who qualifies

 As long as Florida State prosecutors and judges don’t believe that you are dealing drugs, you may qualify to go through a pre-trial diversion program.


Pre-trial diversion programs for Florida drug crimes give the defendant the opportunity to get treatment for any drug and/or alcohol abuse issues they may have. If the defendant is allowed into the program, and successfully completes the program - they can earn a dismissal of their criminal drug charges. 


Drug Diversion programs include many things, but the ways that they make sure the defendant is successfully completing the program include: reporting to the program as required, providing random urine samples to show that you’re staying clean of drugs and/or alcohol, doing various community service hours, and getting counseling and/ or mental health treatment.


In essence, a diversion program is a program that offers another path rather than the typical expected sentencing protocol for a crime. “Diversion” means to turn something from its course -- and Florida drug diversion programs work to turn criminal charges from their course by offering defendants another option to address their criminal allegations.


If someone who qualifies for a drug diversion program in Florida, and sticks with it - not only do they have the chance for their charges to be dismissed, there is also the chance that they can have their criminal record expunged


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