What are the Penalties & Consequences for violating a criminal no contact order in South Florida?

A man is grabbing a woman's arm tightly while a child on a table behind watches. The image is meant to represent a domestic violence situation in Florida in which a no contact order might be put in place in favor of the alleged victim

The consequences and penalties for violating a no contact order in South Florida are not good.

The Florida state attorney could choose to file a separate criminal charge against you for violating the no contact order, which is considered a misdemeanor crime. Misdemeanor crimes can be penalized by up to 1 year in a local county jail. 

In addition to the possibility of getting a misdemeanor added to your charges for violating the no contact order, the judge could also hold you in contempt of court for violating the order.

Contempt of Court basically means the judge has found you to be disobedient and disrespectful toward a court of law and it’s officers. Contempt of court itself can be civil or criminal, and can include consequences such as jail time and fines. 

If your Florida criminal case that your no contact order is connected to is still pending, the judge could revoke your bond—meaning you’d go back to jail until your case is resolved. Also - because you’ve already lost trust in the eyes of the court, you’re more likely to get a stricter sentence for your criminal allegation if convicted.

If you’re on probation from the criminal offence, and you violate the criminal no contact order, it’s considered a violation of probation in Florida — meaning your probation will be revoked and suddenly you’re looking at the maximum sentence for your charges.

CONCLUSION: Violating No Contact Order in Florida 

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