If the police are calling wanting to talk to you about a situation, you want to call a criminal lawyer right away. I get this question very often, and no matter how friendly the officer may sound on the phone I cannot stress enough that you DO NOT WANT TO SPEAK WITH THEM. Don’t call them back until you have an attorney.


Whatever they say will be used against you. And they will use tactics to get information out of you.


For example, let’s say the cops call you regarding a domestic violence charge and you say “Yeah, I was there but he/she is making it all up to get custody of the kids.” This does way more damage then you think.


Your first mistake is that you just admitted you were there. The prosecution is required to prove that you were at the scene of the crime in every single case and you just did their job for them.


Your second mistake is that you just limited your defense. Stand Your Ground and self-defense laws in Florida are very defendant-friendly, but based on what you said to the cop they are no longer applicable to your case.


It’s impossible to know you’re making these critical mistakes if you don’t know the ins and outs of the law. That’s why your absolute best bet in this situation is to call and attorney. A good criminal defense attorney will make sure the police don’t trick you into giving up important information that will hurt you.  Also – anything your lawyer says to the cops CAN’T be used against you.


We can advocate on your behalf. In some cases I’ve been able to convince the officer to close out a case as unfounded without an arrest.