How long does the home insurance claim process take in South Florida?: Home Insurance Attorney Explains


Dealing with a Florida home insurance company is unfortunately not a very quick matter when it comes to processing a home insurance claim when your home suffers damage of any kind in South Florida. 

A tree fell on top of a Fort Lauderdale home in this image - a home insurance attorney can help ensure that you're property compensated from your insurance company when you make a home insurance claim

The good news is that there are laws that help try to move Florida home insurance claims along.  In general, Florida Law allows a Florida Home Insurance Company 90 days to make a determination of coverage on your home insurance claim. 


This means, that once a homeowner files a home insurance claim (ideally, you have an attorney file the claim for you!), the insurance  company has 90 days after they receive the claim of damage to decide if they are going to provide coverage for the loss or damage to your home or property. 


After that first 90 day determination, however, even if the Florida Home Insurance Company decides that it will extend coverage for the loss or damage to your home, the amount of time it takes for the claim to finalize is unknown.

If the insurance company decides that your home damage is included in your policy, they will (or should!) determine that you will get coverage for your loss. That’s what happens in the first 90 days. But even after they decide that you do qualify for coverage, then the insurance company has to assess how much money they think you need to repair your home. 
This means, that while you know your insurance company will provide money for the loss / damage, you don't know HOW MUCH money they'll offer yet when you're still in that 90-day window.


If an insurance company fails to make a coverage determination for your claim within 90 days from reporting the loss, a licensed Florida attorney can then file a lawsuit for coverage of your claim. 


PRO TIP: When an insurance company is flooded with hurricane claims, whose file do you think they put to the top of the pile? A public adjuster cannot file a lawsuit to trigger fees if the claim is not handled timely or appropriately. An attorney’s file will be handled more quickly since they have the power to jump into court if the claim is not resolved in a timely, fair manner.


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