How do I know if I have a Florida home insurance claim? Home Insurance Attorney Explains


Mold damages the wall of a fort lauderdale home due to water damage. Hire a Fort Lauderdale home insurance attorney if you find mold in your home. Firstly, in order to be able to make a Florida Home Insurance Claim, you must have a Florida Home Insurance policy. 


There are several different types of homeowner's insurance policies in Florida. The most common policy for a single-family home in South Florida is a HO-3 insurance policy. 


HO-3 policies often provide home insurance coverage in the event of an unforeseen circumstance, including damage from fire, lightning, wind, theft, or certain events causing water damage (like hurricanes, named storms, burst pipes).


If you have purchased a home insurance policy for your Florida home, that policy will layout what types of damages are and are not covered. 


Sometimes there are exceptions - such as monetary limits for certain types of damages, and even “positive” exceptions such as how there are more allowances for any named storms that come through South Florida.


Most  Florida Home Insurance policies are written in such a way that a trained, professional eye is needed to fully understand them. Sometimes, policies can look and read like a foreign language due to how unnecessarily complicated they are.


If you’d like Manny, Rossen Law Firm’s Lead Home Insurance Attorney, to look over your insurance policy  - FOR FREE - give him a call:  (754) 206-6200. He’ll be able to tell you what your policy does and doesn’t cover, he can answer any questions you have and advise you on the best way for you to move forward. 


Having a home insurance attorney on your side means that there is someone holding the Florida Home Insurance Company accountable to every penny you’re entitled to in order to get your home back to normal as soon as possible. 


FUN TIP: When an insurance company is flooded with hurricane claims, whose file do you think they put to the top of the pile? A public adjuster cannot file a lawsuit to trigger fees if the Florida home insurance claim is not handled timely or appropriately. An attorney’s file will be handled more quickly since they have the power to jump into court if the claim is not resolved in a timely, fair manner. 


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