How do I choose the right criminal or DUI attorney in South Florida? Fort Lauderdale Criminal Attorney Explains

There are two key factors to focus on: reputation and reviews. Experience in criminal and DUI law and the particular Practice Areas is also important.  


Hiring a lawyer with a well-known positive reputation with prosecutors & judges in Florida can substantially help your case. As former state prosecutors and public defenders, Rossen law Firm’s Criminal Defense and DUI Defense legal team is deeply connected to the legal community. 


There are also many lawyer ratings & awards out there that recognize attorney excellence. Some of the ones you want to look for are AV Rated By Martindale-Hubbell awards (voted on by fellow lawyers and judges), AVVO ratings, SuperLawyers, National Trial LawyersAssociation & National Association of Distinguished Counsel Recognition. These different ratings all speak to success and trust of an attorney and law firm  in South Florida.

Client Reviews

A review graphic explains that a man was facing a third degree felony, and Criminal Defense Attorney Adam Rossen  got him an amazing result on his south Florida criminal case - the man was not sent to jail and was not adjudicated guilty

Reading about the experiences of former clients will give you a good idea of who the attorney is, how well they treat their clients, and how they handle criminal or DUI cases. We highly recommend reading Google reviews, which you can find on the Law Firm's GoogleMaps or Google Business Listing. is an online attorney directory where you can also find reviews. Sometimes even Facebook profiles have some reviews you can check out. 

In addition to reviews - check out the attorneys' websites to see if they have case results posted. This will help give you an idea of if they can handle tough cases, if they get great results on cases that sound similar to yours, and can help you see what the law firm considers as a good outcome.

Dynamic Criminal Defense Team Approach

A team approach is far superior than hiring a solo criminal defense attorney when it comes to defending your rights and protecting your future.


At Rossen Law Firm we have four award-winning Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorneys with extensive experience. With three different brilliant criminal defense minds, our team is able to attack your criminal case & allegations from all perspectives necessary to get you the best possible result.

Our attorney will have a great understanding of the local players - including police, law enforcement, state prosecutors, judges, and more - which will greatly benefit your case. 

Focused on Criminal Law or DUI Law

Make sure that the attorney has some sort of experience in the type of crime you've been charged with in South Florida. For example - we obviously handle criminal & DUI defense -- but we'd never agree to represent someone in a divorce. We'd have no idea what we're doing and that’s not good for a client. 

Not all lawyers are created equal, and while we specialize in DUI and many different specific types of criminal defense - some Florida attorneys may only handle theft criminal cases, or something super specific, for example. You want someone with experience in what you're charged with - BUT - you also don't want a 'general criminal defense' attorney who says they handle all criminal defense charges but don't have any specific crime information on their website.

A good place to see what a lawyer has knowledge on is on their practice area page

A criminal defense law firm and/or DUI defense law firm that has specific experience with the type of case you’re facing will serve you well.


Once you’ve found a couple of highly rated attorneys in your area, definitely set up an initial consultation to discuss your case. During this consultation the lawyer should be focused on educating you about the process and coming up with a solid plan of attack for your defense.  

*TIP: There shouldn't be anything hiding behind the curtain. The best lawyers will lay out the full plan of attack right away instead of just giving you a sliver of information and then trying to pressure you to hire them on the spot. 

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