I have a professional license - what do I do if I'm charged with a DUI in Florida? Fort Lauderdale DUI Attorney gives next steps

A photo of professional buildings that reads "I have a professional license what happens if I'm charged with a DUI in Florida?"

Don’t panic, but if you have a professional license in Florida and are charged with a Florida DUI you need to take control and act quickly.


First things first - to avoid catastrophic consequences of your Florida DUI charge to your career and professional license, you really should contact a Florida DUI defense attorney with a great reputation right away.


A good lawyer can help mitigate the damage and stress of the DUI charges.


Depending on your professional license (doctor, dentist, nursing, teaching, etc. - there may be certain time limits on when you need to report your charges or need to reach out to, or respond to, your professional board.)


A 'basic' Florida Driving Under the Influence charge is considered a first-degree misdemeanor, and carries several serious consequences. DUI charge penalties can severely alter anyone’s life. If someone with a professional license doesn't handle the DUI charge appropriately it could mean the end of their career.

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