How does a DUI charge affect an attorney in Florida?: South Florida DUI Lawyer Explains

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DUI charges can have devastating repercussions for lawyers practicing in the state of Florida. 


DUI charges can either be felonies or misdemeanors in Florida. It depends on if it is a first time or subsequent DUI, what the alleged person’s blood alcohol content was at the time of the arrest, if there was any form of accident, or even if a minor was in the car. All of these factors, and more, play a part in determining if a DUI charge will be a misdemeanor or a felony.


If the DUI is a felony, the Florida Bar will file a ‘Notice of Determination or Judgment of Guilt,’ and immediately suspend the lawyer. When the lawyer is suspended, that means that they will not be able to practice law in the state of Florida until the matter is resolved.


After the notice is filed, the attorney can at any point file a petition to modify or terminate their suspension.


The Supreme Court of Florida will appoint a committee to hear any filed petitions on suspension and decide upon sanctions for the lawyer. The sanctions may include disbarment, diversion to practice, suspension, public reprimand, probation or a disciplinary resignation.


While the rules are less serious for a misdemeanor DUI, the Florida Bar does not take any criminal activity lightly and requires it to be reported immediately. 


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