Do I need a Public Adjuster when my Florida home is damaged and I want to file a home insurance claim with my Florida Home Insurance Company? 


a destroyed home on Fort Lauderdale Beach - if your home suffers damage, get a home insurance attorney not a public adjuster in FloridaNot only do you not need a public adjuster to file a home insurance claim in Florida, you actually do not want a public adjuster to work on your Florida Home insurance claim at all. Surprised? We’ll tell you why. 


For one - In Florida, it costs a homeowner NOTHING to have a home insurance attorney handle the home insurance claim process. Your Florida insurance company will ‘pay the bill,’ so to speak, when an attorney files your home insurance claim. 


But, there are many specific reasons as to why you DO NOT want a public adjuster working on your Florida Home Insurance claim. 


A big reason you don’t want a public adjuster is they have very little power. A public adjuster does not have the ability to file a lawsuit on your behalf, for example. This means that if your claim is not handled appropriately, or not handled properly, or is not handled quickly enough - the public adjuster really can’t do anything about it.

An attorney, on the other hand, is able to sue an insurance company if they don’t comply they way they ought to during a homeowner’s insurance claim process. This means that, due to the possible threat of lawsuits, an insurance company will prioritise insurance claims made by an attorney over those made by public adjusters.  


When it comes to home insurance claims, Florida laws allow for a homeowner to hire an attorney (at no cost to the homeowner) to fight for their rights under their home insurance policy. 


Insurance companies can be liable to pay for your attorney's fees under statute, so if you have an attorney on your claim, then the insurance company may take steps to issue proper payment before our fees start to build-up. It is a leverage that cannot be used by a public adjuster. 


Another benefit is that lawyers have specific training to wade through all the complicated home insurance paperwork and ensure that you are getting every you deserve from your policy given your coverage. 


Having a home insurance attorney on your side means that there is someone holding the Florida Home Insurance Company accountable to every penny you’re entitled to in order to get your home back to normal as soon as possible. 


FUN TIP: When an insurance company is flooded with hurricane claims, whose file do you think they put to the top of the pile? A public adjuster cannot file a lawsuit to trigger fees if the Florida home insurance claim is not handled timely or appropriately. An attorney’s file will be handled more quickly since they have the power to jump into court if the claim is not resolved in a timely, fair manner. 


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