photo shows criminal defense attorneys Adam and Manny with a client sand has text that says: Can I represent myself in Florida if I'm innocent?

Technically, yes - you can represent yourself in Florida. 

Truthfully? We would not recommend it. Even if, and perhaps - especially if - you're innocent. 

The legal system can be very complicated to navigate. There are all sorts of documents that need to be filed, and court and criminal procedures in place that you need to comply with.

It’s not something you learn overnight, and you don’t want to let lack of knowledge, or failure to comply with a simple procedural rule hurt your case in any way.

Great attorneys undergo years of training and have years of experience specific to the exact situation you're in.

Through this experience we have acquired the tools and resources you need to best defend your South Florida DUI or Criminal case.

In fact - we're not even afraid to."put our money where our mouth is" so to speak. We offer FREE strategy sessions. In these, we talk about everything that would need to be done to attack your case and criminal allegagations. If after learning all that goes into defending you and your future - you still want to defend yourself; that is certainly up to you. But we have a feeling that once you learn all that needs to happen to represent you - even if you're innocent - you may change your mind. 

There is simply too much at stake and too much to lose when dealing with any kind of criminal charge or allegation in South Florida. Criminal records can affect your job, your family, your future, your finances and so much more. 

Schedule a complimentary strategy session with my firm and we’ll go through your case with you to help you figure out the best way forward.

Simply call: 754-206-6200 to schedule. 

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